Trek vs. Diamondback mountain bikes- What to consider?

Trek vs. Diamondback mountain bikes

Mountain biking is all about hard falls and releasing the inner beast on technical trails. Finding the right brand will prevent you from having to replace or fix your bike after each adventure, in this trek vs. diamondback mountain bike review we help you find a bike that will last and treat you well.

So, what are some of the things to consider when buying a mountain bike? For beginners a hardtail mountain bike would be ideal. Hardtails are fun and fast making them great to start on; they are also low maintenance bicycles and make good teachers. As you delve deeper into mountain biking you will start to consider things like wheel size, chain stays, and derailleurs.

But, the main thing to consider, is where and how you want to ride, for example, if you want a bike that’s light, fast and optimized for pedaling you may want to look at an XC mountain bike. However, if you are planning to do freeriding, then a trail bike will be a better option. They are designed to shine on prolonged descents, jumps, and drops.

Since most bike companies have multiple mountain bike lines, I have taken the liberty of narrowing it down to two worthwhile brands. I hope this trek vs. diamondback mountain bike review will relieve some of the stress that comes with choosing a new bike.

Here are some of the specifications that you will find with these two brands?

Silver Alpha Aluminum
Tektro Disc
Mechanical Disc
Seat Post
Dropper seat post
Not dropper seat post compatible

Trek vs. Diamondback Mountain bikes-In what areas do these brands shine?


Diamondback manufactures their own wheels, and from my experience, they hold up pretty well since I would classify myself as a rigorous rider. One remarkable thing these bikes share is their ability to accommodate tubeless tires. Tubeless tires offer more traction and a smoother ride-not only that, they protect you from pesky pinch flats. One drawback you have to look forward to on a tubeless tire would be set up, and maintenance-you will be tested.

Both bikes also have wide tires that go a long way in absorbing shocks and rolling over obstacles making them perfect for off-road trails.


Diamondback uses propriety stems and handlebars on all their bikes. Its rigid threadless stem is not only simple to maintain but reliable for backpacking and long trips.

The trek mountain bike also uses a rigid thread less steam which can be attributed to the fact that the bike comes with full suspension.


Diamondback uses a level link rear suspension platform which according to them makes the bike absorb shocks better and climb more efficiently. This feature makes their mountain bikes feel more responsive and easier-to-control.

Trek, on the other hand, chooses to use full suspension on its entry-level mountain bikes. A full suspension is perfect for rough and technical trails because it does a better job of absorbing serious bumps that would otherwise throw you off your bike.

Trek vs. Diamondback mountain bike review


Trek designs well balanced and easy to ride bikes, and this does not change when it comes to their mountain bike line. The frame technology used on Trek mountain bikes will protect your frame from folding in half after a few rigorous adventures while keeping your bike light for those inevitable climbs. Its 8-speed cassette has the hub spaces that let you upgrade to a 9, 10 and 11-speed cassette at any given time. Its Mino link feature will allow you to adjust the bottom bracket height and head angle depending on the trail.


• The Mino link near the rear tire will let you adjust the bikes geometry for a more comfortable ride

• Full suspension will increase bike control on rough terrain

• Dropper seat post compatible, you can route a dropper post


• Full suspension bikes are harder and more expensive to maintain

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If you are looking to economically get into mountain biking, you may want to look at the Diamondback brand. Features like its derailleur hanger will continually protect your frame from damage during a crash. This is because the derailleur is not directly mounted onto the frame, allowing it to break away upon impact. You can then have it realigned or replaced at an affordable price.

Its quick release wheel levers will let you quickly remove your wheel and deal with flats-which are commonplace in mountain biking-without any tools.


• Fitted with disc brakes which are more reliable than rim brakes

• Its derailleur hanger prevents the frame from folding in or getting damaged during crashes

• Its rigid fork will let you mount front racks


• Rigid forks don’t do a good job of absorbing bumps and obstacles, leaving your body open to absorbing hard impact shocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dropper seat post?

This feature will mostly be found on mountain bikes, and it essentially allows the rider to raise or lower the seat post with the push of a button.

Should I position my Mino link for high or low?

It depends entirely on you when its lower placed it gives the bike more stability and when its higher placed is offers quicker steering on flat and hilly surfaces.

Why is suspension important on a mountain bike?

The suspension will give you a more comfortable riding experience while providing the least rolling resistance allowing you to go fast.

Are big wheels better on a mountain bike?

Big wheels play a major role in absorbing bumps and jutting roots which are more common on mountain bike trails. Though they add considerable weight to the bike, they also happen to be more forgiving than smaller wheels.

Why is tubeless better?

Tubeless tires use low air pressure which makes them resistant to flats; they are also filled with a sealant which seals and dries cuts the moment they occur. They can get messy when setting up.



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