Trek Verve 2 vs. specialized roll- Which bike offers better comfort?

Having the right bike goes a long way in helping you realize your fitness related New Year’s resolution. So, how does one choose from the ocean of existing bicycle models? Well, here is a detailed review of the trek verve 2 vs. specialized roll to help you narrow down your options.

I was once a victim of year after year unused gym memberships until I came across cycling as a way of staying active and fit. The trick that worked for me was getting a bike that I couldn’t keep my hands off since sometimes starting a fitness regime is harder than the actual exercising. That in mind, I would easily recommend the trek verve 2 and specialized roll for a beginner or avid rider looking to get out more and put in more cardio.

Both bikes boast an upright riding position which makes for comfortable sight-seeing riding, not to mention the wide tires that absorb bumps and offers stability when tackling off-road trails. They are tailored for those in the market for comfort and high-performance bikes resulting in similar features. The trek verve 2, for instance, is fitted with ergonomic grips specially designed to fit your hand and the specialized roll offers its users the same hand comfort and support using body geometry grips.

This detailed trek verve 2 vs. specialized roll review will assist you in making a final decision between these two seemingly similar bikes.

A few of the similarities and differences between these two bikes include:

Trek Verve 2
Specialized Roll
Alpha Gold Aluminum
Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum
Bontrager Padded
Body geometry
Bontrager Satellite City
Specialized city platform

Trek Verve 2 vs. specialized roll-What are the differences


The Trek verve 2 comes equipped with a Shimano Altus EF500 8-speed which allows you to tackle climbs efficiently and with minimal effort. The wide range drivetrain will enable you to accelerate faster without having to peddle too hard.

The 7-speed gears offered by the specialized roll is lower in comparison to the trek verve 2. Though smaller, it still allows you to comfortably navigate hilly trails effortlessly. The 7-speed is not an issue and should work well for your fitness, grocery runs, and recreational rides just fine.

Wheel Size

The trek verve 2 700c is larger than the 650b, and so it offers a more stable ride. The larger wheelset has less rolling resistance and guarantees you a smooth ride over tree roots, road bumps, and dirt roads.

The 650B wheel size offered in the specialized roll may be smaller, but it also lets you use larger tires which provide more cushion on bumpy gravel trails increasing versatility. This feature makes the specialized roll a great adventure trail bike, while still leaving it capable of holding its own on flat pavement.


The trek verve 2 has an alloy fork, though aluminum is known to be more brittle than steel, the fork on the verve 2 bikes is larger and thicker in diameter allowing it to maintain its structural integrity on impact.

The specialized roll comes fitted with a steel fork which makes it more durable. Steel forks are known to absorb impact better making it a safer option for off-road trails.

Trek Verve 2 vs. specialized roll reviews

The trek verve 2$responsive-pjpg$&wid=1440&hei=1080

As the second model in the trek verve family, the trek verve 2 comes with upgraded features that enhance your riding experience. Its adjustable stem allows you to raise or lower the handlebars to a height that suits you which eliminates shoulder-arm pain. Their lightweight all-aluminum frame reduces the strength required to balance your bike on uneven trails. Its Bontrager padded seats provide extra comfort during long commutes. Everything about this bike screams comfort.


• Easy to use adjustable stem that sets your handlebars to a comfortable height.

• DuoTrap S compatible which allows you to link your smartphone or computer to the Bluetooth antenna in the frame to track your work out

• A blendr stem that allows you to attach your accessories neatly directly to the stem


• It comes equipped with wide tires which equals a heavier wheelset.

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The Specialized roll$hybris-hd$

The specialized roll easily falls under the ‘comfort bike’ category, think a cross between a cruiser and a daily commuter bike. Its body geometry saddle makes it perfect for daily commutes, guaranteeing you arrive at each location without numbness or discomfort. The upright riding geometry allows you to enjoy the scenery even as you fly by. Its reflective nimbus tires save you the worry of getting flats, making it the perfect comfort bike for crushed gravel trails. There is no denying the time and detail that went into this bike’s design.


• Its nimbus tires come with reflective sidewall giving you great visibility-you don’t have to confine yourself to daylight rides

• Body geometry grips that are kind to your hands, keeping it within the no numbness theme while giving you the support you need.

• Comes in a multitude of styles that allow you to attach a cart to it and haul your fishing equipment for those Saturday morning fishing expeditions.


• Does not have a DuoTrap S compatible frame which merely means no Bluetooth antenna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a smaller wheel stronger?

A smaller wheel will have the spokes closer together making it structurally stronger. Larger wheels last longer though due to their ability to absorb bumps and vibrations.

Are 650b wheels better for people with smaller frames?

Yes, for people small in size a smaller wheel will eliminate toe overlap

Are aluminum frame bikes lighter than steel frame bikes?

Not necessarily, some manufacturers make aluminum frames thicker which can lead to them weighing heavier or equal to steel frames.

Does a heavier wheelset reduce speed?

Yes, this is because a heavy wheelset will add onto the weight of the bike frame and we are yet to take into consideration the weight of the gear and rider. Not to worry as this difference in speed will be minimal with a smaller wheel.

Will a lighter bike make me faster?

Not necessarily, your weight and inertia will play a more significant role in how fast you go than bike weight.


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