Trek Verve 2 vs. Specialized Crossroads: Which is best for long haul rides?

Trek Verve 2 vs. Specialized Crossroads

Whoever said you have to burn out after a workout did not know about the specialized crossroads and trek verve 2 bikes. Both bikes are known to notoriously provide the rider with comfort and with that being said lets quickly delve into a trek verve 2 vs. specialized crossroads bike comparison.

You may be wondering what makes these bikes so special. Well, both bikes come fitted with suspension seat posts and grips that ensure both your long haul and 3-mile recreational family rides stay numb and ache free. If you are in need of a bike that offers the right balance between comfort and speed, then you need to consider buying either a trek verve 2 or specialized crossroads bike.

The following comparison review will provide an in-depth look into what these two bikes have to offer.

What differences and similarities exist between the trek verve 2 and specialized crossroads bike?

Trek verve 2
Specialized crossroads
Frame material
Bontrager padded
Specialized body geometry comfort
Ergo grips
Specialized body geometry comfort
Bontrager H5, 700×45c
Specialized borough, 700×45c

Trek Verve 2 vs. specialized crossroad-How do they differ?


A good grip can stand between you and long term hand pain. Though both bikes offer the rider quality lock on grips, they differ in specifications.

The trek verve 2 bikes come fitted with top of the range ergonomic grips with flanges on their inner side which offers much-needed support and does wonders in reducing the occurrence of pinched nerves. The flank style grip prevents the hand from slipping in warm and wet conditions offering the rider more support.

The specialized crossroads bike comes equipped with specialized body geometry comfort grips which are beneficial to optimal hand-arm positioning, adding comfort and control to your ride.


The trek verve 2 fork is made up of an alloy which is soft aluminum. Having an alloy fork has its advantages; it reduces the weight of the bike making it ideal for races and is rust resistant. But its lightweight material makes it more likely to bend and damage on impact. Good thing the verve 2 has wide tires which absorb trail and road bump vibrations reducing the pressure on the alloy fork, maintaining its durability.

The specialized crossroads, on the other hand, has a rigid steel fork. Though steel forks are heavier, they also happen to be sturdier making them safer to have on a trail. You don’t have to worry because the rest of the frame comprises of aluminum keeping it light and an excellent choice for non-strenuous trail rides.


The trek verve 2 weighs 27.76 lbs making it lighter than the specialized crossroad bike which approximately weighs 29.3lbs. You should keep in mind that this really doesn’t affect how fast you can go on either bike or the efficiency of a bike on a trail. So, in this case, the advantage of the verve 2 being lighter is that it makes for easier lifting when loading onto a car rack.

Trek verve 2 vs. specialized crossroads comparison reviews

Trek verve 2 review$responsive-pjpg$&cache=on,on&wid=480&hei=360The verve 2 is a great choice for non-winded workouts; its wide range of gears makes it easy to accelerate from a standstill and climb steep hills. It comes in a low step through style frame which makes it a practical option for anyone with low mobility due to its easy mount and dismounts feature. The Bontrager padded saddle makes it comfortable for long leisurely family weekend rides and uneven, bumpy trails. Its adjustable stem feature enables the rider to raise the handlebars making it an ideal fit to size bike.


• Has a suspension seat post that helps absorb bumps on the road enhancing comfort

• Its upright geometry makes pedaling easier

• Its built-in mounts allow you to attach trailers and take your little ones on recreational rides too


• Its fender mounts are only compatible with 35mm tires

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Specialized Crossroads review,FinalSize%5b1000%5d,cacher%5b3282019%5d&call=url%5bfile:common/main.chain%5d&sinkThis is one bike that will guarantee you a comfortable and fun ride each time. Its specialized body geometry lock on grip reduces wrist and palm discomfort during long trips while providing safety. Staying in line with the comfort theme, the specialized crossroad bike comes equipped with a thick body geometry comfort foam saddle which ensures ultra-relaxed pedaling.

Another selling feature would be its 24-speed Shimano drivetrain which makes it ideal for climbing steep inclines. The bike also boasts fast-rolling 700×45c wheels allows it to reach high speeds while maintaining traction. These features are enough to inspire you to confidently engage your neighbor in a friendly race.


• Its light rigid steel fork provides predictable handling, giving the user more control.

• Shimano Altus, direct mount derailleur for quick and accurate shifting

• Custom geometry aluminum frame for a correct fit to size


• You can’t ride this bike on a dirt trail in the rain without getting mud on your back

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes like trek verve 2 and specialized crossroad allow the user to ride on all terrain types. They come fitted with features that enhance comfortability for street and trail rides without affecting speed.

Can I change a linear pull brake for a disk brake on either bike?

Both the trek verve 2 and specialized crossroad bike frames are specially designed to fit linear-pull brakes making it impossible to replace one brake type for another.

How do I prevent the non-aluminum parts of my bike from rusting?

You can do this by simply spraying grease or wax, applying nail polish also works and avoid leaving your bike out in rainy weather.

Does the alloy fork on my bike make it less durable?

To enhance sturdiness your alloy based fork is made thicker making it less susceptible to bending. You can go decades without having to replace your alloy fork.

How will I know which bike size is the best fit for me?

Other than testing it at the store, most bikes come with a sizing chart that recommends a size based on height. All you need to do before purchasing a bicycle is finding out your height.



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