Trek Verve 2 vs. giant cypress dx- Pros and Cons

No one can fault you for wanting a bike that looks good, and sometimes, finding a bike that offers a happy medium between looks and reliability can be difficult. But this is not the case with Trek verve and Giant bicycles, let’s look at the trek verve 2 vs. giant cypress dx as an example.

You may be wondering what you are in for with these two bikes. Well, other than the fact that they are both aesthetically pleasing, both the trek verve 2 and giant cypress dx make excellent bike choices. They are easy to ride, you can reposition the handlebars and seat to an angle that best fits your body frame and most importantly they are durable.

Since they are both hybrid bikes, you will experience the most comfortable ride of your life. Fitted with ergonomic grips for optimum hand comfort and support and easy shifting gears for different terrain variations; both the trek verve 2 and giant cypress dx are ideal fitness, recreational and or commuter bikes.

So how will you choose between these two almost identical bikes? Here’s a detailed trek verve 2 vs. giant cypress dx review to act as a guide.

What differences and similarities exist between the trek verve 2 and giant cypress dx?

Trek verve 2
Giant Cypress dx
Frame material
Alpha Gold Aluminum
ALUXX Grade- Aluminum
Bontrager alloy adjustable
Alloy adjustable
Ergo grips
Giant ergo max grip
Tektro alloy linear-pull
TKB-172 mechanical disc brake

Trek Verve 2 vs. Giant cypress dx- The features you get

Suspension fork

The trek verve 2 does not come equipped with a suspension fork; this was deliberately done to make the bike lighter. The designers instead added a sweep to the fork and widened the tires creating the same suspension effect.

A suspension fork, though heavy, comes in handy when you’re on a bumpy road. It absorbs shocks and vibrations giving the user more control on off-road trails.

Bluetooth Antenna

The trek verve 2 comes with Duo Trap S wireless technology that allows you to link your smartphone to the Bluetooth sensor on your bike and log route, speed and miles covered. For me, nothing feels better than reaching your fitness goals and what better way to ensure you do than an app that helps you map your fitness routine. Plus, you don’t need to be a genius to install it onto the chainstay of your bike.

If you are more of a ‘cruiser,’ then you shouldn’t be too disappointed that the giant cypress dx isn’t Duo Trap compatible.


The trek verve 2 comes fitted with linear pull brakes, though lighter and quieter than their disc counterpart, they tend to have less stopping power. This may not be an issue depending on the riding you intend to do.

The giant cypress dx in comparison uses disc brakes. There is a popular misconception that they are heavier, but the difference is minimal when compared to linear-pull brakes. They also happen to be easy to maintain, effective-even after going through countless puddles and accommodative to a variety of wheel options.

Trek Verve 2 vs. giant cypress dx review

Trek Verve 2$responsive-pjpg$&cache=on,on&wid=480&hei=360Enjoy your evening ride with the trek verve 2, its Bontrager Hard-case tires eliminate the stress that comes when dealing with flats. The wide tires, suspension seat post, and padded saddle, ensure you have a comfortable ride on uneven terrain. Its upright riding positioning allows you to see your surroundings making it perfect for commutes, recreational and fitness trips. The trek verve 2 boasts a lightweight aluminum frame and several high-quality components that enhance your riding experience.


• Ergonomic grips that reduce the pressure that riding puts on your palms while ensuring your hand stays firmly planted on the grip.

• Its adjustable stem allows you to raise and lower your handlebars to a comfortable position that fits your body frame

• Its rack and fender ready mounts make for a good summer evening ride with the family. The trek verve 2 allows you to mount a cart and tow your children around the neighborhood.


• The linear pull brakes have less stopping power and require frequent maintenance.

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Giant Cypress dx,c_pad,h_400,q_80/arzxxkyx8yq0xzm1gt1t/MY19-Cypress-DX_Color-A.jpgDon’t be fooled by the name ‘giant,’ the giant cypress dx comes fitted with an ALUXX Aluminum frame making it surprisingly light. Its 700c wheels reduce rolling resistance guaranteeing you a smooth, comfortable ride on both on and off-road trails. The suspension fork and seat post absorb shocks and vibrations so that your body doesn’t have to. It’s sold in a variety of colors which you can choose from that adds a personalized feel to your bike.


• Its upright riding technology lets you enjoy a relaxed ride

• The giant comfort saddle will keep your rear end comfortable during long haul rides

• Its rapid fire shifter makes changing gears fun and easy


• Due to their design disc brakes tend to squeak which can have you making unnecessary trips to the bicycle repair shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Duo Trap Bluetooth work?

The Duo Trap has a Bluetooth antenna that allows it to sync with your smartphone or computer. You only have to install it onto the chainstay of your bike and synch it to your smartphone or headset.

Does the Duo Trap work with any IOS app?

Works best with Map my Ride or Strava, and both come in a free download version on the app store.

Which is best, linear pull brakes or disc brakes?

When set up properly linear pull brakes work just as efficiently as disc brakes. Disc brake does boast a wider range of wheel options in comparison to linear pull brakes that limits your wheelset.

What are the advantages of having wide tires?

Wide tires increase stability, traction and do a better job of absorbing impact from potholes and other obstructions.

Does having wide tires affect speed?

Though wide tires may seem sluggish, they are not slower than small tires in reality.


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