Trek Verve 1 vs. trek verve 3- A guide to the series

Trek Verve 1 vs. trek verve 3

Are you looking for a light but versatile riding companion? Well, look no further than the trek verve hybrid family. This trek verve 1 vs. verve 3 review will compare features between the introductory and final trek verve model.

When my bike-whose brand I won’t mention-started having issues, I decided I needed an upgrade, and that’s when I came across the trek verve series. You see, trek verve bikes are designed to give the rider maximum comfort. Their hybrid wheels and wide range gears allow you to cover more ground with less effort. Not to mention, their lightweight aluminum frames which are super responsive giving the rider much needed control and confidence to tackle different trails.

Though the frames stay the same throughout the trek verve series, specific components are upgraded as the number goes higher to enhance your riding experience and reduce the weight of your bike. Both bikes also come with a step-through style model that allows you to get on the bike quickly without having to lift your leg over the back of the seat.

You may then be wondering what needs to be considered when choosing between two comfort bikes designed by the same company. To make things easier, I have taken the liberty and gathered the information you need in this trek verve 1 vs. verve 3 review.

Existing differences and similarities include:

Trek Verve 1
Trek Verve 3
Alpha gold aluminum
Alpha gold aluminum
Bontrager connection alloy
Bontrager tubeless ready alloy
Shimano Altus EF500, 7-speed
Shimano EF65-9-speed

Trek Verve 1 vs. Trek Verve 3-A comparison guide

Suspension fork

A suspension fork only exists on the introductory trek verve 1 series; it works to absorb the shocks and vibrations made when the bike comes into contact with cracked or uneven paths.

The trek verve 3, on the other hand, comes without this feature but has some design modifications that provide the same effect of the suspension fork. Since this feature tends to add considerable weight onto the bike, it was eliminated from the sequential upgraded models. Instead, the trek verve 3 has wider tires and an alloyed fork with a sweep that serve the same function.


Another difference would be the 9-speed drivetrain on the verve 3 vs. the 7-speed on the verve 1. The lower gears on the trek verve 1 provide a leisurely pace and while still letting the rider easily navigate hilly planes.

The trek verve 3 in comparison comes with a 9-speed drivetrain which may seem excessive if you only plan to ride for fun and fitness, but it does come in handy during daily commutes.

Tubeless Tires

The trek verve 3 offers the user the option of mounting tubeless tires which also play a part in reducing the weight of the bicycle. Tubeless tires come filled with sealant liquid making them less susceptible to low pressure pinch flats due to their ability to seal and dry punctures immediately.

Trek Verve 1 vs. Trek verve 3- An individual product review

The trek verve 1$responsive-pjpg$&wid=1440&hei=1080

The trek verve 1 is the perfect bike for a rider looking to enjoy their riding experience. Its upright riding geometry lets you comfortably peddle while taking in the scenery. The padded seat and wide tires will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a nice 5-mile ride. You can outfit your trek verve 1 with racks and carts that will hold your grocery bags and let you tow your little one at the same time.


• Ergonomic grips that offer comfort and support to your hand and arms.

• Duo Trap compatible, allowing you to sync your smartphone to a Bluetooth sensor and log your activities.

• Its built-in mounts let you carry your water bottle and other riding supplies.


• Not recommended for rough off-road mountain bike trails

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The trek verve 3$responsive-pjpg$&wid=1440&hei=1080

As the number goes up, you are guaranteed a higher end model with upgraded components that ensure comfortability and versatility. The 700×45c wheels combine the rolling resistance of a road bike with the relaxed geometry of a mountain bike resulting in a smooth, versatile ride on any surface. The trek verve 3 is fitted with an adjustable stem that lets you customize your seating position and keep your arms and shoulders happy. If you choose to get this bike you are looking at decades of service, this is because its enhanced components are made out of stronger material guaranteeing you of longevity and durability.


• Has rapid fire trigger shifters that allow you to change gears quickly

• Suspension seat post that absorbs shocks and vibrations, keeping your rear end happy

• Lock-on grips that prevent your grips from spinning as they age.


• The tubeless tires are more difficult to set up and can get quite messy if the flat doesn’t seal.

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In conclusion

Each model in the trek verve series is fitted with quality components that provide maximum comfort and versatility. The superiority of the trek verve 3 can’t be denied, and if you are looking for a high-performance bike that will remain durable and versatile on a wider variety of surfaces, then this is the bike for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hybrid bikes easier to ride?

The light frame and upright riding position make for comfortable and smooth riding. Different bikes, however, are best suited to different terrains. No one bike does it all.

Are hybrid bikes suitable for off-road trails?

Their wide tire feature makes them ideal for light off-road trails.

How much does either bike weigh?

The trek verve 1 weighs approximately 29.06lbs while the trek verve 3 weighs 29.19lbs.

Can I adjust the seat post suspension on my trek verve 3?

No, you cannot lock or adjust the suspension on your seat post

How can I prevent the rack mounts from interfering with the rear back cables?

If installed correctly, the rack mounts should not interfere with brake performance. To properly install the rack mounts, use two bolts to mount it near the rear dropout and two bolts near the rear brake.



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