Trek Verve 1 vs. Trek verve 2- Which offers a better riding experience?

Trek Verve 1 vs. Trek verve 2

I cannot stress enough how comfortable it is to ride in an upright position on my trek verve bike after years of being hunkered over. Both bikes boast upright riding geometry which makes riding effortless, making a trek verve 1 vs. verve 2 comparison review necessary in helping you choose.

The trek verve bikes allow you to get more cardio in with less effort, and you can easily clear 10-15miles on it a day. Plus the upright riding geometry I mentioned earlier allows you to enjoy the sites on your weekend recreational rides with the family. So, what should be considered when choosing between the trek verve 1 and verve 2 bikes?

Well, this depends on the amount of riding you plan to do since both bikes offer the user a comfortable riding experience. If you plan on using your verve bike regularly, then the verve 2 offers better components when it comes to comfortability because it is an upgraded version.

I have taken the liberty to provide a detailed trek verve 1 vs. verve 2 review to help you identify the perfect verve bike for your recreational rides and or workouts.

What are the main similarities and differences in the trek verve 1 and verve 2 models?

Trek verve 1
Trek verve 2
Seat post
Bontrager, 2-bolt head, 27.2mm, 8mm offset
Alloy, adjustable suspension, 27.2mm
Bontrager Quill
Bontrager alloy, adjustable rise

Trek Verve 1 vs. verve 2- Main similarities and differences


The trek verve 1 bike comes fitted with a steel fork which explains why its 1.3 lbs heavier than the verve 2. If we take the weight out of the equation, having a steel fork does come with advantages. For one, it is a much stronger material than aluminum which ensures safer and more predictable handling. Steel also absorbs the bumps and vibrations of rough trails better than its aluminum counterpart.

The trek verve 2 boasts an alloy fork which plays a significant role in reducing the weight of the bike. Its complete aluminum frame makes it the perfect all-weather bicycle due to its rust-resistant element. Since it is an upgrade of the verve 1 model, it comes with added components that absorb crushed gravel trail vibrations and enhance the riding experience.


Again, choosing between a trek verve 1 and verve 2 bike boils down to the amount of riding you wish to do. For the non-speed casual rider, the 7-speed gear offered by the verve 1 will let you maintain a leisurely pace while still reducing the effort it takes for you to accelerate from a standstill point.

The verve 2 offers a broader range of gears, the 8-speed component allows you to easily conquer steep inclines and will ensure you get to work on time if you are using it for commutes.


An adjustable stem enhances comfortability; a verve 2 user can raise or lower the handlebars for easier steering. This adjustable stem feature makes it an ideal bike for a growing child as you can modify the height of the handlebars accordingly.

The verve 1 on the other hand, comes fitted with a quill or threaded stem which doesn’t let you to easily adjust the handlebars. You don’t have to worry so much about this since you can switch this stem for an adjustable one or ensure you buy a verve 1 bike with the right size and fit to avoid being stretched out.

Trek verve 1 vs. verve 2 product review$responsive-pjpg$&wid=1440&hei=1080 Trek verve 1

Being the first model in the trek verve family, the trek verve 1 is the best choice for the recreational rider. Its wide 700×45c tires reduce rolling resistance while still providing stability and comfort. Its 7-speed gear allows you to take in the sites and easily navigate trail paths. The wide Bontrager padded saddle coupled with the upright riding feature lets you go longer with less effort and discomfort. If you’re looking for a bike that allows you peddle comfortably around the area you live in, the verve 1 is the perfect bike.


• Has a step-through frame model for those who lack the mobility to swing their legs over a saddle

• Bontrager satellite ergonomic grip for better hand support and comfort

• Lightweight aluminum frame is efficient for all terrains.


• Has fewer features than the verve 2 like suspension seat posts that absorbs road bumps

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The trek verve 2$responsive-pjpg$&wid=1440&hei=1080If you’re thinking of trying a hybrid bike, you definitely need to look at the trek verve 2. Its adjustable stem, suspension seat post, and 8-speed gear makes it perfect for long rides on pavements and crushed gravel trails. The extra gear gives the user better hill climbing capabilities and power giving you less winded inclines. It is a good choice for veteran and newbie riders alike.


• Bontrager Hard-case puncture resistant tires that offer its user a flat-free riding experience

• It’s aluminum frame makes it lighter and easy to navigate, giving the user better control

• Its adjustable stem allows you to easily readjust your handlebar height


• Having many gears can seem overwhelming to a newbie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust a quill stem?

You can adjust a quill stem by using a wrench to give the stem bolt a few counter-clockwise turns. This will let you to raise and lower your stem.

Does the material of the fork affect handling?

The material of the fork doesn’t blatantly affect handling. Steel forks are known to give the user better handling.

Is the verve 2 bike more superior?

The difference between the verve 1 and 2 bikes, is that the latter has more features which will enhance the riding experience. The verve 1 bike is still a quality hybrid bike.

Is it easier to climb hills on a verve 2 bike?

Climbing a hill will make even the fittest person get winded, the 8-speed on a verve 2 doesn’t make this activity easier, only faster.

Can I get the step-through model in unisex colors?

Yes, you can.



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