Trek Verve 1 vs. giant cypress-An in-depth review

Trek Verve 1 vs. giant cypress

It’s all about your comfort with comfort style hybrid bikes like the trek verve 1 and giant cypress. Since both bikes guarantee spectacular comfort riding, we will have to take an in-depth look at their individual features when choosing between the trek verve 1 vs. giant cypress.

Hybrid bikes are becoming increasingly well sort after; merely because they offer an easy, fun and comfortable riding experience whether you are going to your local grocery store or on a dirt road adventure. I got my first hybrid bike 3 years ago, and I haven’t had cause to look back since. The 7-speed lets me easily navigate the hill rise in my neighborhood and also enjoy a weekend cruise near the beach.

The alloyed aluminum frames used in either bike makes them light while maintaining their versatility to navigate different terrains. The 700c wheels on these bikes make for an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride.

Though these bikes fall under the same comfort hybrid brand, they do have different components that make them individually stand out. In this trek verve 1 vs. giant cypress review, I clearly lay out the features that make these bikes different allowing you to make an informed decision when purchasing one or the other.

A few highlighted differences and similarities include:

Trek Verve 1
Giant Cypress
Frame material
Alpha Gold Aluminum
ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
Seat post
Bontrager nonsuspension
Alloy Suspension
Bontrager Satellite Ergonomic
Nonergonomic grips
7 speed
7 speed

Trek Verve 1 vs. Giant Cypress-How do the features differ?


The trek verve 1 comes fitted with ergonomic grips that give the hand much-needed traction during hot summer days. The flanges on the grip eliminate sliding caused by sweaty hands. Ergo grips are also kinder on the palms of your hands, keeping them numb free for longer

The giant cypress, on the other hand, does not have body geometry or ergonomic grips. Your hand may slip off during rides which will result in you gripping harder.


The trek verve 1 has a raised handlebar which gives the bike an upright riding position which is essential for anyone looking for a comfortable riding experience. It is not fitted with an accompanying adjustable stem which would let the rider raise or lower the handlebars for the perfect fit. It is vital for you not to leave the store without getting one that fits your exact body measurements.

An adjustable stem is available in the giant cypress series, which is beneficial when it comes to angling the handlebar to a comfortable position.

Seat post

Though the trek verve 1 doesn’t have a suspension seat post, its wide 700c tires and steel fork play their role when it comes to protecting your lower back and rear end from shocks caused by cracked pavements and bumpy roads.

The suspension seat post on the giant cypress absorbs shocks and vibrations on a variety of surfaces. This coupled with its wide air-filled tires and steel fork make it the perfect comfort hybrid bike.

Trek Verve 1 vs. giant cypress product review

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The beautiful thing about the Trek verve 1 bike is that you can comfortably ride it on a variety of surfaces, be it designated bike paths or dirt trails. Its wide tire feature, which is popular in the trek verve family design, reduces rolling resistance on any surface and offers the rider more stability. The trek verve 1 is an ideal bike if you are looking for a bike that’s upright and more comfortable than high performance.


• Its 21-speed drivetrain lets you easily navigate hilly terrain

• Its lightweight aluminum frame is alloyed with a stronger metal providing a great balance between strength and weight.

• Its Duo Trap compatibility lets you sync your smartphone or computer to the bike making your cycling adventures fun and documentable.


• Its 7 speed may deter you from entering any street races.

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Giant Cypress


Similar to the Trek Verve 1, the giant cypress is a comfort hybrid, making it a popular choice for beginners, people with bad backs and recreational riders. The seat and handlebar positioning will have you sitting straight up on this bike, which does wonders for a bad back. The accompanying adjustable stem feature will let you raise or lower the handlebars to an angle that works for you. Just like any other road bike or hybrid, the giant cypress comes fitted with 700c tires that are more puncture resistant and stable.


• Suspension seat post that absorbs shocks, reducing the stress that bumps will have on your back

• The heavily padded wide seat enhances your riding experience

• A suspension fork that absorbs shocks and vibrations from riding over cracked pavements and jutting roots


• Suspension forks are heavy and tend to add weight onto the bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a bike frame?

No one material stands out as the best for frames; they each have their advantages and disadvantages. That said most road bikes use a blend of steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

Is my aluminum frame durable enough?

Yes, it is. Manufactures alloy the aluminum with a stronger material which ensures that your bike can handle hard impact without bending or breaking.

Which weighs more, the giant cypress or trek verve 1?

Bike weight is dependent on a lot of things, like accessories, size, and finishing. It is advisable to get your bike weighed at your local supply store for an accurate weight reading.

Do bikes have a weight limit?

Yes, each bike model has a weight limit which includes the combined weight of the rider, bicycle, and cargo.

How do I choose between a road, mountain and hybrid bike?

The hybrid is a comfortable cross between the road and mountain bike which means you can enjoy yourself on a variety of terrains. The road bike is more speed oriented and works best on a flat paved surface while the mountain bike makes for good adventure and rough terrain. You only need to determine the type of riding you plan to do to make a good choice.



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