The Lectric XP Power Bike vs Rad Mini E-Bike-Which is the best Electric Power Bike Now?

Making sure you get a bike with the best features can be an uphill task. The Lectric XP Power Bike and Rad Mini E-Bike are some of the best electric bikes in production today.

Aside from my office day job, I go bike riding with my group of friends every month. Riding not only helps me keep fit but it saves me a lot of time in traffic when I need to be somewhere fast. It is the most relaxing thing to do to clear my head. After a couple of years with the same bike, I some research and decided to add an electric bicycle to my arsenal.  It came down to choosing between the Lectric XP Power Bike and Rad Mini E-Bike. These bikes have some of the best features in terms of speed and range. Here are some of the differences between the Lectric XP and Rad Mini Electric Bicycles.

Differences between the Lectric XP Power Bike and Rad Mini E-Bike Bicycles.

25-50 mile range
Up to 25-45 miles


The Lectric XP vs Rad Mini -How do they compare?


Both bikes have very powerful motors that are responsible for the good performance. The Lectric XP Power Bike fat tire electric bike comes with a geared hub motor of 500 watts and during peak performance, it offers 750 watts of nominal power. The Rad Mini E-Bike, however, offers 750 watts of power from its Bafang geared hub motor. This will power you up steep terrains, get you going after a dead stop without being too noisy.

Battery and Range

The Rad Mini E-Bike bike provides enough strength through the 48V battery to run its motor. This easily allows it enough power for up to 25 miles of range on the throttle. With pedal assist, the Rad Power bike can go up to 45 miles of range. The Lectric XP Power Bike is powered by a high performing LG battery that can reach up to 25 miles on the throttle and 50 miles on the pedal assist. Both perform well through multiple terrains. With a fully charged battery you can ride to work, the grocery store.


The Rad Mini E-Bike bike has one of the best display technology in the market. This is a good reliable display with a lot to offer. Its display shows battery life and a speedometer that can be set to average, maximum or current speed. The display also has a USB charging port to charge your phone or other electronics while riding. The Lectric LCD also does not disappoint. The display located on the centre of the handlebars with necessary information such as the battery level, distance, and speed.

Frame and Weight

The Lectric XP Power Bike fat tire bike comes only in black and white colours. It is made from Aluminium alloy with a weight of around 60 pounds. With an adjustable seat, this bike is ideal for all riders including those who are shorter and want their feet on the ground when they stop. The Rad Mini E-Bike also has an adjustable seat and handles which are used to fold the bicycle making it more compact. While the Rad Mini E-Bike is also made up of aluminium, it is much heavier weighing 67 pounds. This weight, however, includes the battery attached to the bike. Without the battery, the Rad Mini E-Bike weighs only 61 pounds.

The Lectric XP Power Bike vs Rad Mini E-Bike-A comparison Overview

The Lectric XP Power Bike

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The XP from Lectricebikes arrives fully assembled with a computer display, adjustable seats and powerful motor for fast speeds. The Lectric XP Power Bike Electrical bike is a bike suited for adventure. This bike is great for a variety of different activities, whether you are going to the beach, riding to work or a ride through nature. With a powerful 500W motor that lets you ride through multiple terrains, you can conquer any path or trail. This bike can go to speeds of up to 28mph easily.

The LG powered battery also lets you ride for a range of 25-50 miles on a full charge. Although charging may take a while, it will last you the distance. If your bicycle takes up too much space, this flexible e-bike is foldable allowing you to store it in compact places and it takes up less storage space. With both front and rear lights, you are ensured of safety while cycling on the roads.

The Lectric XP Power Bike comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars to make your ride more comfortable. It also comes with front and rear fenders which in most e-bikes you have to purchase separately. The strong carrying rack can be used to carry a variety of items while you are on the bike trail, going to the supermarket and other packages. If you are going to be riding for long hours, you will need somewhere to conveniently put all your accessories.

If you enjoy riding through the hills and rough trails this is the bike for you. If you won’t be sticking to pavements, you should probably get an electric bike with fat tires.  The fat tires are puncture- resistant providing stability and control on off-road rides. They aren’t easily penetrable from small materials like thorns, stones or other sharp objects. These tires are also good for sandier and looser soils.

The fat tire on the Lectric XP has solid steel forks. The steel has similar vibration dampening properties like aluminium helping it minimize road vibration. Ensure that you are on the lookout for any deep scratches because when steel is exposed it rusts. Taking care of your bike will make sure you use it for much longer.

This bike is equipped with a cadence sensor for measuring the rotation of the cranks. The Lectric XP has a 1 year warranty that covers the original purchaser of the bicycle. This is for a period of 12 months after the date of shipment. The locking mechanism of the Lectric XP can feel sturdy but within a few minutes it can be folded. The pedals and handlebars are also foldable.


  • The large tires can take you through any environment. On the pavement, grass and even dirt.
  • The e-bike is foldable making it compact enough for you to go anywhere you like.
  • It is an affordable electric bike considering all the amazing features it comes with.
  • The throttle allows you to cruise through without having to do too much pedaling.


  • It has a long charging time and the battery will only last for a short period.
  • It is heavier than normal bikes making it hard to pedal in case the battery runs out
  • Being an electrical bicycle it is almost twice the price of a normal standard bicycle.

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The Rad Mini E-Bike Electrical bike

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  • STRONG POWER: 750W extending to 1000W peak power motor and battery empowers you getting any up long, steep hills.

This electric folding bike from RadPoweBikes is well designed with a Samsung battery pack that only takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. The Rad Mini E-Bike is a unique foldable e-bike from Rad Power Bikes. The Rad Mini not only saves you space but also comes with narrow handlebars for a firm grip making you comfortable for longer. This high-quality bicycle is well made and with its foldable capability, you can go with it anywhere.

The Rad Mini E-Bike has puncture-resistant tires. This protection is provided by the Kenda K shield tire liner. This liner is made up of ceramic and aramid particles that protect the tire against punctures caused by glass and other small materials like thorns.

This bike has an integrated brake light which is powered by the main battery pack. Anytime the brakes are applied, the brake light is automatically activated for your safety. The 180mm disc brake gives you great control and stopping power. If you want to go slower, you can adjust the speed from the ma of 20mph in the settings menu.

The RadMini comes with some additional extras like front and rear LED lights. There is a USB charging port and mounting for the rear and front racks. It also comes with a trip meter, battery gauge, wattmeter, odometer and speedometer on the LCD Display.

Another good thing about this bicycle is the adjustable seat height and handlebar. You can raise or lower the handlebar to where you are most comfortable and also make it as compact as possible to store. The front and rear rack of the bike can carry a large number of goods like groceries and other packages.

Rad Mini E-Bike’s fat tires allow you to ride off-road and on rougher terrains. This bike is good for going on adventures on steep hills without feeling too overworked. The fat tires can handle mud and a few inches of snow really well.  The front light is bright enough to take you through the night powered by the battery of the bike.


  • The e-bike is foldable and compact allowing you to move around comfortably with it.
  • The high-performance 750-watt motor offers a great ride especially going uphill.
  • The bike supports a wide range of terrains like rough roads and cliffs, dirt and snow.


  • The bike is very heavy compared to others, this can also be because of the 61 pounds battery.
  • The motor noise during low and medium speeds can be irritating until it dissipates at higher speeds.

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The Lectric XP Power Bike and Rad Mini E-Bike are power bikes that are both foldable making them easy to store, move around and transport in your vehicle.

Although they both have similarities like long battery life and a powerful motor, one of these bikes is still superior to the other. Both have speeds of over 20mph, foldable ability and are high-performance bikes for different occasions like races, a ride through nature or for a normal day to work.

Verdict. So which is better? The Lectric XP or the Rad Mini

If you are looking at one of these two electric bikes, I hope this article has helped clear up some doubts. Although they both have amazing features each of them stands out as quality bikes in their own right.

Despite both being great bikes, I would say the Lectric XP Power Bike is the better choice. Although the Rad Mini E-Bike is great, the heaviness of the bike can make it more cumbersome when folding or peddling up the hill when the battery runs out. The Rad Mini E-Bike also comes in one frame size which can be a problem if other people with different height measurements want to use your bike. The Lectric XP Power Bike is a great choice for you at an affordable price.


  1. Why do I need an electric bicycle when my standard one works just fine?

Adding an electric bicycle to your arsenal of bikes might allow you to expand what you can do with a bicycle. They are faster, flexible and with the ability to fold they can easily be stored without taking up too much space. With a rechargeable battery, you are also helping save the environment by reducing petrol emissions

  1. How fast and how far can the Rad Mini power bicycle go?

The Rad Mini Power bike can assist you up to 20 mph. To get to more than 20mph, you need to add your pedal power to achieve top speed. With this speed, most electric bikes have a range of 20-30 miles.

  1. Which is the best between Pedal and Throttle on the Lectric XP?

This depends on you as a rider. The point of the throttle is to allow you to cruise through the road without having to pedal. This feature is helpful to allow those with physical disabilities a chance to ride. The pedal assist offers to assist the moment you start to pedal.

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