Specialized Roll vs. Sirrus- Which is the better all-purpose bike?

Specialized Roll vs. Sirrus

Finding a bike that serves a wide range of purposes from all-weather commuting to weekend fitness and leisure rides can be challenging. This specialized roll vs. sirrus review will help you narrow down your search to two bikes that are ideal for all your riding needs.

You may be wondering, why these two bikes? Well, I came across the specialized roll and sirrus after getting fed up of owning bikes that were only great at one thing. If it was good for recreational rides, it would leave me winded when I tried to use it for fitness. For months I couldn’t seem to find a bike that provided both comfort and versatility. My luck changed the moment I stumbled upon the specialized roll and sirrus series.

The flat handlebar placement on both bikes puts you in a comfortable riding position that won’t strain your neck or back. Also, both bikes have big cushiony tires which provide excellent traction and control making them a better choice for technical trails. The canopy sport saddle has more than enough padding that will leave you comfortable and relaxed for miles.

The following specialized roll vs. sirrus review takes an in-depth look at what makes these two bikes so unique.

What are the existing similarities and differences between these two bikes?

Specialized Roll
Specialized Sirrus
Specialized Nimbus Sport 650B×2.3
Nimbus reflect. 700×32mm
Tektro, mechanical disc brakes
V-Brake, linear pull
City Platform
Specialized fitness platform

Specialized roll vs. Sirrus-What are the differences?


Mechanical tektro disc brakes are great for long twisty descents and muddy trails, their incredible stopping power and the fact that they don’t heat and wear out the rim quickly make them preferable. Mechanical disc brakes also navigate corners with much ease. The specialized roll, in this regard, handles like a sports car.

V- Brakes or rim brakes, on the other hand, work just fine and stop just as efficiently on light gravel and pavement. They are also inexpensive to maintain and easy to fix in comparison making the specialized sirrus a pocket-friendly option.


The specialized Roll nimbus 650B×2.3 tires will leave you smiling and flat free mile after mile. Its grip and tread pattern makes it surprisingly fast on gravel trails due to its ability to roll over obstacles easily. Simply put, these tires are durable, comfortable and perfect for all weather conditions. I should point out that the 650B×2.3 tires kick ass better on a tubeless system.

The specialized Sirrus also boasts wide tires which go a long way in giving the user a fun and comfortable riding experience. Its 700×32 mm tires provide excellent traction and control, leaving you feeling confident on different surfaces.


The 7-speed gear on the specialized roll is sufficient when used on a variety of terrains and does not feel sluggish or slow. It will let you accelerate faster from a standstill position and easily navigate climbs.

The specialized sirrus is 8-speed in contrast, and this will let you reach high speeds without having to peddle harder and effortlessly shift through a wider range of gears.

Specialized roll vs. Sirrus bicycle review

Specialized Roll


If you are just getting into biking, the specialized roll is highly recommended. Its 7-speed gears will comfortably take you where you need to go, while its 650B×2.3 tires will give you the confidence you need to tackle any surface. Its alloy frame plays into the lightweight theme of the bike while still offering versatility on cracked or bumpy surfaces. Its bottom bracket is set forward, and this lets you stand with your feet on the floor before takeoff. All in all, it’s a great bike for beginners and veteran riders alike.


• Disc brakes are very responsive in rainy/wet conditions, giving them a huge advantage over other brakes

• Reflective tires will reflect car and street lights in the night, keeping you visible and safe

• Its body geometry grips are designed to fit the shape of your palm reducing pressure


• The custom clamp stem doesn’t allow you to easily adjust the handlebars without getting tools involved.

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Specialized sirrus


The specialized sirrus is more than a competent commuter bike; it also excels as a fitness and recreational option for many users. The first thing you’ll notice the second you get on is the comfortable body geometry. It’s well-positioned, and canopy sport saddle comes in handy during those long haul rides.

The bike comes with fenders and rack mounts that will let you accessorize your bike and also carry supplies. What’s more, the alloy frame lets you walk away from dings and scrapes without worrying about structural damage to the bike.


• Has a rust-resistant A1 premium aluminum frame.

• Its V brakes are easy to maintain and provide enough stopping power

• You can easily mount mudguards or fenders that will protect your back and legs from splashes


• It’s steel fork though sturdier adds weight onto your bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my 8-speed cassette with a 9-speed one?

8, 9 and 10-speed cassettes can all fit on the same rear hub, and this allows you to replace 8-speed with 9-speed without having to change the rear wheel.

Do steel forks make the bike heavier?

It depends on the tubing used. A steel fork if properly designed will not add considerable weight onto the bike.

Do these bikes come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, all specialized bikes have a lifetime warranty against structural damage to the frame and fork.

Which is better, 7-speed or 8-speed?

8-speed gears are less prone to problems in case of misalignment. They are also robust and forgiving when going up hills making it an ideal speed for both road and mountain bikes.

Can I swap my rim brakes for disc brakes?

Yes, this can only be done if the manufacturer included accommodative hubs. This is because the standard hubs used with rim brake wheels cannot be used with disc brake wheels.



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