Specialized Roll vs. Expedition – Which best suits your needs?

Specialized Roll vs. Expedition

Getting a bike is a great way to stay in shape as well as interact with friends and family. If you’re thinking about becoming a cycling enthusiast, however, the first thing you need to learn is that not all bicycles are the same and you have to compare and contrast your options – such as specialized roll vs. expedition, before making a final decision.

Going out for a ride with friends and loved ones is an excellent way to have some fun outdoors as well as maintain a healthy and interactive lifestyle. You can also use this time to think and clear your head if you would rather go riding alone. The great thing about cycling is there are no rules as to how you should take part in this activity. You can go riding on the weekends, for example, or use your bike as a regular source of transport for your daily commute. It all depends on your specific needs.

A crucial element you have to consider when getting a bicycle is the most suitable model for your needs. There are a variety of alternatives available in the market, with each choice offering several different benefits according to your particular needs. This might not always be an easy task to accomplish, however, especially if this is your first time delving into this subject. You need to read up on the various alternatives you can choose from, such as specialized roll vs. expedition. By gathering all the relevant information you might need in this sector, you greatly improve your odds of selecting the right bike.

It’s also vital to remember that one person’s choice might not be suitable for another individual. Taking the time to study your personal wants is highly crucial when making such a decision. If you are an adrenaline junky, for instance, you might want to look for an alternative with the most power and speed. If you simply want to take part in leisurely rides during your free time, then the comfort levels available from a particular option may be a more important aspect to consider.

I have taken the liberty to compare two of the more popular bikes in the market for those who are interested in good quality options. They are the specialized roll and the expedition. Some of the differences and similarities that can be found with these two options include:

Specialized Roll
Body Geometry, The cup
Comfort Plus, Dual Density Foam
Forged Alloy
Ground Control, Alloy
Specialized city, Platform
Composite Platform body

Specialized Roll vs. Expedition – Which should you choose?

Ground Control Geometry

The Expedition and Specialized Roll both come with ground control geometry which allows you to easily maintain an upright position as you ride, as well as comfortably place your feet on the ground when you stop. This enhances the level of balance you can enjoy during a standstill and also improves your safety as you ride since you can enjoy a higher level of awareness regarding your surroundings.

Wider Diameter Tires

The Specialized Roll improves your balance via wider tires on its frame. This enhanced support allows you to enjoy better traction as you ride as well as enhances the bicycle’s center of gravity. The tires boast a diameter of 650b x 2.3”.

The Expedition, on the other hand, comes with smooth-rolling 26” hemisphere tires. They offer great traction for both dirt roads and paved routes allowing you to enjoy a greater level of flexibility and adaptation to various surfaces.

A1 Premium Aluminum

Both the Specialized Roll and the Expedition are made from high-grade A1 premium aluminum which is lighter than steel. This makes it easier to handle your bike in places where you have to carry it – such as staircases and hallways. The lighter metal also makes it easier to control the bike as you ride.


The Specialized Roll is equipped with a body geometry saddle known as “The Cup”. As the name suggests, the design works by cupping your butt when seating, reducing the pressure experienced in the process. It allows you to navigate the rougher patches of your route comfortably.

The expedition takes it a notch further with their comfort plus saddle design. This seat is fitted with a dual-density foam that guarantees a comfortable place to rest your bones. It also comes attached to springs that serve to reduce the pressure experience when riding on uneven or rocky routes.

Specialized Roll vs. Expedition Product Review

The Specialized Roll

Image result for specialized roll

The specialized roll is a great solution for those looking for an advanced option in the biking industry. Equipped with an A1 premium aluminum frame, it offers a lighter option as compared to its steel counterparts. The wider tires also provide a greater supportive role for those who would like to enhance the traction enjoyed while cycling. Featuring rack and fender mounts, it allows you to make any necessary changes to your bicycle according to your particular preferences.


• Wider tires for better stability and traction.

• 7-speed gear system for easier cycling on different routes and surfaces.


• The wider diameter of the tires makes for a bulkier frame.

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The Expedition

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The Expedition is the perfect solution for those looking for a little class with their cycling activities. Equipped with features specially designed to enhance your experience such as its comfort plus dual density foam saddle, it ensures its riders can endure any terrain with ease. Its travel suspension fork offers a passenger even more comfort thanks to the preloaded adjustment included in their design.


• Can be easily used on both paved and dirt roads.

• Ground control geometry included in the frame’s design for better balance.


• Its 26” tires won’t provide as much stability as compared to wider alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dual density foam?

Dual density foam is a new means of cushioning yourself from periodic obstacles along your route. As the name suggests, the product consists of two layers of high and low-density foam that are laminated together.

Can Ground control geometry improve my speed?

Ground control geometry is simply a design that is meant to enhance the balance you can enjoy from a seating position. In other words, it doesn’t improve our speed.

Are wider tires better than thinner alternatives?

Wider tires are mainly for people who are looking for a leisurely ride on a more stable bicycle. The wider diameter increases the amount of traction enjoyed by the wheels. Both options are viable alternatives depending on your particular needs.

How do BG comfort grips work?

The padding and design of the grips on these handles are meant to contour the shape of a natural hand, allowing for the easy placement of all your fingers.

Is a 7-speed the fastest bike I can get?

Technically, no. But you should remember that the drivetrain on any bicycle is mainly meant to ease your pedaling needs in different terrain. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to go faster.



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