Specialized Roll vs. Alibi – Which will serve you best?

Specialized Roll vs. Alibi

Cycling is a great way to keep in shape while participating in a fun and exciting experience. However, the kind of bike you choose can impact your overall enjoyment – so it’s crucial to take the time to compare the options available in the market – such as the specialized roll vs. alibi.

Riding your bike can be a great experience, especially when you do it with friends and family. You can go out every weekend and traverse the various areas of your region, or even choose to use your bicycle as your primary source of transport to work – depending on your location. The introduction of hybrid bicycles has further enhanced the options available in the market when looking for a suitable solution. These bikes offer greater comfort to their riders while maintaining the agility that is so crucial in navigating tricky surfaces.

If it’s your first time delving into this particular market, then it would be unwise to simply go for the first bike you come across. Though they’re all designed for cycling – different models come with different features that are meant to address the various needs of a certain buyer. Going through the elements that differentiate one option from another can help you make a better decision with your final purchase. This is not always an easy objective to accomplish, however, and comparing options such as the specialized roll vs. alibi requires you to go through several reviews that have been posted about the product.

As a biking enthusiast, sharing my knowledge with current and potential riders gives me a sense of accomplishment as I would like everyone to enjoy cycling as much as I do. In this review, I have looked at two popular options currently available in this market, namely, the specialized roll and the alibi.

Some of the similarities and differences that can be found between these two bicycles include:

Specialized Roll
Steel, V brake
Hi-Ten, V brake mounts
Seat Binder
Quick-release clamp
Forged Alloy, 17-degree rise
Specialized 3D Forged Allow, 7-degree rise

Specialized Roll vs. Alibi – Which is best?

The Tires

One of the greatest advantages of owning an alibi is the use of airless tubes, thus you won’t have to worry about problems such as punctures or losing pressure during your rides. This removes the hassles that come with such maintenance responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on your riding skills. It’s also a more affordable option as dealing with issues such as punctures at times could cost you money you would rather not spend.

The Specialized Roll comes with Nimbus II Sport tires that are larger than most other alternatives. With a size of 650bx2.3”, it provides greater traction when riding – allowing for improved stability. This is a great option for first-time riders who may not be too confident in their ability to maintain their balance.

Aluminum Frame

Both the specialized roll and the alibi boast an A1 premium aluminum frame that provides a light but durable structure. The use of this material reduces the overall bulk that a rider has to deal with, allowing for easier navigation along complicated routes. It also enables you to carry your bike comfortable across any areas that you can’t ride, such as big gaps along the road and indoor places such as hallways and various passages.

Fitness Geometry

Positioning is an essential element to consider when looking to enhance the comfort you can enjoy as you ride. The alibi has addressed this problem by applying a fitness geometry design to their frame that allows you to improve your potential speed without having to take on a more aggressive riding position. Simply put, you don’t have to bend over your handlebars when hoping to go faster.

The specialized roll, on the other hand, comes with an upright geometry design that allows you to comfortably sit up straight as you ride. This gives you a better view of your surroundings, making it more difficult to encounter unforeseen obstacles along your path and enhancing the levels of safety you can enjoy.

Body Geometry Saddle

Both the specialized roll and the alibi come equipped with comfort technology on the seat known as “the cup.” This body geometry design allows you to maintain a comfortable seating for extended periods when you’re riding your bike. This can be a crucial element when it comes to long rides and regular commutes.

Specialized Roll vs. Alibi Product Review

Specialized Roll


The specialized roll is the perfect option for beginners who are looking to mix comfort with elegance and ability. This hybrid bike is ideal for regular commutes and weekend expeditions. Its wide tires offer greater stability on rough roads and increase the shock absorption along such paths. Its upright geometry ensures you can sit up straight without having to give up any of your momentum. The reflective features on the tires also help to increase your visibility during the darker hours of the day, enhancing the safety levels you can enjoy in the process.


• Wider tires that increase the level of stability you can enjoy during our rides.

• Handlebars featuring a specialized body geometry grip with a contour lock on.


• The air filled tires require larger maintenance as compared to airless tubes.

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The Alibi


The alibi is a great bike for those who like to mix elegance with a sporting element. The puncture-proof core of the tubes ensures you don’t have to worry about being stranded due to a lack of pressure or an unnoticed hole in your tires. Its A1 aluminum structure also offers a lighter frame for the bicycle which makes it easier to handle when riding or having to carry it across various boundaries.


• Airless and puncture-proof tubes that make it easier to maintain and allows you to traverse more potentially hazardous areas such as fields and rough patches.

• Fitness geometry design that ensures you don’t have to take up a more aggressive position.


• The lack of reflective features on the tires can make it harder for people to see you in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, airless tires or traditional alternatives?

Both types of tires have their own advantages depending on a variety of elements. Airless tires cost less to maintain, for example, but it has been argued that this option doesn’t offer as much stability as pneumatic alternatives.

Which is heavier, steel or aluminum?

Aluminum is the lighter of the two and offers just as much stability as its counterpart. It has recently become the most preferred option due to its lightweight structure.

Should I go for upright or fitness geometry with my bike?

It all depends on your particular preferences. If you are looking for speed and comfort, then fitness geometry is the way to go. If you are more interested in maintaining your comfort levels and sense of awareness, then upright geometry is a good option. However, both options offer more or less the same advantages.

Can I replace my airless tubes with more traditional options?

With the alibi bike, yes you can. The rims of this model contain a valve hole that is usually hidden underneath a sticker.

What’s the difference between wide and thinner tires?

Wider tires offer greater traction and stability. However, the increased bulk can also slow you down when attempting to attain maximum speed. The wide tires are also longer lasting, meaning they don’t need regular replacing.



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