Schwinn vs. Raleigh- Which is the better brand?

Schwinn vs. Raleigh

It is difficult to sift through existing bikes in the market and make a decision on the best bike to buy. That is why I have taken the liberty to narrow down your options to two affordable bike brands in this Schwinn vs. Raleigh review.

Firstly, you need to identify a model or bike style that will suit your riding needs. For example, are you looking for a commuter, road, hybrid or mountain bike? All of these bikes come with a particular set of specifications that make them ideal for specific uses. Once you have identified the type of bicycle, you want-based on its purpose; the next step is to look at what these particular brands offer under your chosen category.

You will have to be discerning and look at things like gears and frames as all this feeds into how comfortable your riding experience will be in the end. Difficult, right? In this Schwinn vs. Raleigh review, I have highlighted some of the areas to focus on when choosing between two brands.

Some of the differences and similarities displayed by these two brands include:

Aluminum caliper brakes
Double ended cable brakes
Built-in mounts
Built-in mounts

Schwinn vs. Raleigh-Difference and similarities


Schwinn uses cutting edge elastomer suspension to absorb shocks and trail vibrations. Their smooth ride technology inserts an elastomer isolation unit on the seat post between the seat stays and seat tooth and an anti-shock elastomer stem for good measure.

The Raleigh on the other hand, uses the classic seat post, fork, rear and full suspension on its bicycles. These different suspension features add considerable weight on the bike, and that is why full suspension is becoming more sort after.


Both Schwinn and Raleigh have strong double wall rims, lighter rims usually mean less weight and easier acceleration and are preferred for racing. Double wall rims, in contrast, are known to give the best strength to weight ratio which most riders prefer. Their perfect weight and strength balance leave them capable of handling rough trails and flat surfaces. Because of this, double wall rims are more common in mountain bikes due to their ability to take a beating while maintaining the structural integrity of the wheel.

Body Geometry

Schwinn uses a lightweight aluminum frame coupled with a carbon fork and comfort-tuned geometry such as wide handlebars and the perfect spacing between the seat and handlebars on their road bikes.

Raleigh bikes use endurance body geometry on their endurance road bikes which improves comfort and handling. Endurance body geometry simply means an upright riding position which ensures that you are not hunkered over and reduce discomfort in your neck and back after long rigorous rides. Another common feature with this geometry is a thicker fork rake and longer wheelbase which offers stability.

Schwinn vs. Raleigh brand review


The Schwinn line is full of versatile road, hybrid and mountain bikes. Using innovative smooth ride technology, Schwinn road, and hybrid bikes are fitted with an elastomer isolation unit which absorbs trail bumps and vibrations without the added bike weight. Their use of light aluminum frames and carbon forks (on its high-end models) will leave you feeling relaxed on gravel trails and long commutes. Schwinn designs comfortable and efficient bikes that can handle anything from a Saturday beach cruise to a Sunday charity race.


• Uses disc brakes which are far more reliable and efficient to rim brakes

• Higher series use carbon forks which are lighter and can take quite the beating from bumps

• Makes affordable department store models for those that can’t afford bike shop prices


• Disc brakes tend to be noisier than rim brakes.

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Raleigh is not just a name brand, with decades of years in the industry, their designers and engineers have perfected bikes. Whether it’s pushing your limits on their full suspension mountain bikes or cruising over pavement on their fast and efficient road bikes, Raleigh bikes ensure you do so in style. Their classic look coupled with modern frame technology will give your bike a sleek look and the sturdiness it needs at a competitive weight.


• Their steel frames are durable, sturdy and safe

• Leather seats and ergonomic grips ensure you stay comfortable mile after mile

• Their wide tires offer more traction and control leaving the rider feeling confident on different surfaces


• Some series come with a through axle setup that is prone to bending

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In conclusion

Both the Schwinn and Raleigh brands produce quality bikes that you can trust. They have both been in the game for a long time though Raleigh is more famous and has a wider selection of bikes. Still, choosing between the two boils down to comparing exact models and how well suited they are to your riding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are carbon frames better than aluminum frames?

Yes, carbon fiber tends to be much stiffer than aluminum, and they also happen to be lighter. They are ideal for long hauls and do better on all surface types.

Do road bikes come with full suspension?

No, as there is no need. Having a front suspension on a road bike is enough without adding rear or full suspension. This is because you will not meet many obstacles on a paved road and having that extra bounce and absorption requires more pedaling to reach certain speeds.

Can I buy a Raleigh or Schwinn department bike?

Though you will be saving money while retaining the brand name, department store bikes tend to be manufactured at low costs which means cheaper components. You may end up spending just as much as you would have if you bought it from a bike shop, on repairs.

Is an upright position good on a race bike?

An upright position makes race bikes more comfortable and forgiving on the neck and back. That being said, an upright position is less aerodynamic and will be less ideal if you are competing in the Tour de France.

Is steel the more superior frame?

A steel frame will undoubtedly last you a lifetime, but they add considerable weight to the bike and are not corrosion resistant.



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