Raleigh Bikes vs. Specialized – Which are better?

Raleigh Bikes vs. Specialized

If you’re a fan of bike riding, there is no doubt that you have come across a variety of alternatives when looking for the perfect model for your needs. Studying the different options available on the market, such as Raleigh bikes vs. specialized can ensure you don’t regret your decision in the near future.

If you’re an avid rider, then you probably already know that picking the first option you come across when looking for a bike is not the best strategy to implement when seeking a suitable solution. Though every bike generally operates similarly, the quality of your ride can be affected by the quality of the bicycle. If you want the best experience available, then you will need to consider the best options in the market.

Two of the major companies that are currently competing for a market share in the elite biking industry are the specialized and Raleigh brands. These two options both come with several models in their roster, allowing them to serve a collection of various needs. Comparing and contrasting Raleigh bikes vs. specialized can be a good place to start when looking for a quality solution. Both these brands have made a name for themselves via the products they manufacture, but taking the time to note the various similarities and differences can give you a more in-depth view of your options.

In this review, I have taken the liberty to review a few of the elements that should be studied when discussing these two brands. Remember, there are a variety of options you can choose from when looking at both alternatives – so choosing a brand is just the first stage of the selection process. To get a better picture of this comparison, we shall use two similar hybrids made by the manufacturers.

Some of the differences and similarities that can be found between these two options include:

Raleigh Bikes
Specialized Bikes
Custom formed butted alloy tubing
Specialized A1 premium aluminum
Tektro Airies Mechanical Disc
V brake linear pull
Seat Post
Alloy micro-adjust
Alloy, 12mm offset

Raleigh Bikes vs. Specialized – What’s the difference?


Until recently, Raleigh bikes specialized in the production of steel bikes. However, as the need to move with the times became apparent, they slowly started including the use of an alloy in the manufacturing process. This alloy tubing is designed to make the overall bulk of the frame lighter and easier to handle.

Specialized bikes are famous for being made from their specialized A1 premium aluminum. This application has been integrated into its manufacturing process to maintain the quality of the bicycle. The frame provides a similar lightweight feature as compared to most alloys, meaning you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavier bike.


Most Raleigh hybrid bicycles feature their modern Vee Zilent tires. With a diameter of 700x47c, they offer excellent traction for paved and dirt path routes. The sturdy structure of the wheel provides comfortable support for the frame, ensuring your suspension is maintained at quality levels. The size of these particular wheels also ensures your bike maintains a lightweight structure.

A popular option with some specialized models is airless tires. Though not new to the market, having a reliable option with such features can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance potentially required for your bike. These tubeless alternatives can also be replaced with traditional options should you wish it.

Comfort Enhancements

Raleigh bikes come with specialized grips on the handles known as Raleigh comfort grips. They are designed to improve the levels of comfort with which you can hold on to your bars for an extended period. In most cases, it’s easy to gets cramps or an annoying tingling sensation should your hands not be comfortable in their position.

The specialized bicycles are mostly fitted with body geometry grips on their handlebars, as well as body geometry saddles designed to absorb some of the shocks you may experience along your ride. Some more leisurely options come with dual-density padding for an even more luxurious experience.

Ready Made Mounting Systems

Both the Raleigh and Specialized bicycles come with mounts that are rack and fender ready. If you’re a fan of travelling with a number of extra provisions such as a bottle of water, then it would also be wise to note that Raleigh bikes also come with bottle mounts on some of their models. Attaching these elements are not a difficult task and can be accomplished by following simple instructions.

Raleigh Bikes vs. Specialized Product Review

Raleigh Bikes

Image result for Raleigh bikes route 1

Raleigh bikes are a great option for the active rider looking for fun and adventurous challenges with their routes. Their hybrids now come with an 80mm travel suspension fork which serves to improve your navigation abilities. The mechanical disc brakes make for smooth stopping and great traction on wet surfaces, with the alloy frame providing a lighter option as compared to many steel bikes.


• Custom formed alloy tubing for a lighter frame.

• Great for going on off-road adventures and unpaved paths.


• Airless tubes are not a standard option with most of their hybrid models.

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Specialized Bikes

Image result for specialized bikes the alibi

Specialized bikes are famous for their A1 premium aluminum which offers some of the best quality available in the market. The company has also taken it upon themselves to enhance the luxury available with some of the hybrid options, making it an excellent choice for those who are not really looking to work up much of a sweat. Its frame includes a fitness geometry design in some of its models, enhancing the ease with which you can control your bike.


• Nimbus airless tires which ease the burden of maintenances.

• Fitness geometry design which allows you to increase your speed without taking up an aggressive position.


• The lack of an in-step design in some of the models can make it difficult for significantly short people to ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is alloy lighter than aluminum?

An alloy is a metal that has been made from combining two or more metallic elements to form a hybrid with better properties. In most cases, aluminum is part of the combination – so it can be argued that both options maintain a more or less similar weight range.

How do I change my airless tubes?

In Specialized bikes and other high-end alternatives, you have the option of going back to air tubes should you wish it. This is accomplished by simply revealing the air valve that is usually located on the rim underneath a sticker.

Does a Fitness Geometry design increase my speed?

Fitness geometry is a design that is meant to allow you to maintain a more comfortable position when increasing your speed. This doesn’t necessarily make you go faster, however, but rather ensures you don’t have to bend over your handlebars to achieve this fete.

How do comfort grips enhance my riding experience?

Have you ever noticed that your hands could get numb from holding onto something for a long time? The same thing can happen when holding onto your handlebars for an extended period. Comfort grips allow your hands to align themselves more comfortably and naturally, preventing such a reaction from quickly taking place.

What is an in-step design?

An in-step design consists of a lower railing bar in the middle of a bicycles frame, allowing shorter people to get on to the saddle easily.



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