Maxi Climber Review and Buying Guide

Keeping fit at the comfort of your home has never been easier than with this total body workout equipment.

A few months ago if you’d told me I’d be the kind of lady to workout twice on a Friday I’d have laughed at your face. With my never-ending To Do lists there’s no way my mentally and physically drained self would ever muster up the energy to go the gym.

And even if for some archaic miracle I had the energy, I’d never have the time. Did I mention I’m a single mum of three with a demanding nine to five? Keep in mind, my youngest is in his terrible two’s and that’s a whole other full time job.

Two years post-childbirth and here I was still blaming my ever expanding waistline on baby weight. Sure I’d love to rock a toned midsection but the enthusiasm for heading to the gym wears off in the face of raising a family on my own. The crazy work deadlines don’t help either. Let’s just be honest here, the lure of a comfy queen sized bed is irresistable compared to a chilly morning drive to the gym.

If you are in this funk I bet I’m taking the words right off your mouth right? Maybe different parameters but still the same highlights. Well if so all hope is not lost.

As I sit to write this article its Friday 6p.m and lets just say a lot has changed. For starters, my waistline looks snatched, my energy level is through the roof and most importanly I’ve just completed my second workout. How did this happen you ask? Well it was all thanks to this handy dandy home workout equipment dubbed the maxi climber.

What does it do, you ask? Imagine a total body workout equipment thats affordable, can snugly fit in the tiniest of homes and delivers amazing fitness results. Yes you heard me right! You can get in shape right at the comfort of your own home and on your own terms!

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In depth maxi climber review

What is a maxi climber?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I bet you’ve caught a glimpse of vertical climber ads on telly. They’ve been all the rage in the fitness circles and with good reason. So what exactly is it? Well its a useful home work out equipment that closely replicates the motion of climbing a rock.

Now if you’ve ever gone mountain hiking you’ll agree that most of your muscles if not all were sore for days. That’s because all of them were engaged during the hike. This is the working premise of  vertical climbers like maxi climber. It will deliver all your fitness goals be it toned abs, buffed triceps and biceps or even some junk in the trunk if you get my drift.

The maxi climber uses your body weight as resistance gifting you with a great cardio workout as well as strength training. Here’s the kicker you need not worry about adding undue stress to your lower joints.  What’s more you’ll burn much more calories with maxi climber in comparison to treadmills. 


Suited for all body types

When you’re lofty in stature with a lot to offer, you often have to be very careful when it comes to choosing home workout equipment. I once bought an exercise gear that promised the moon only for it to snap in half on my first spin.

There was no such horror stories with the maxi climber thanks to its adjustable height feature. Now just how inclusive is it? Well even someone of towering height like Lebron James will find it very practical. All you ought to do is adjust the height of the handles and the steps to your desire.  On the flips side its also catered for those with a short stature. How cool is that?

I love how the machine works with you irrespective of your body weight. Its been fashioned in such a way that it makes use of your own body weight to offer the resistance required to push you to your limits. No matter your shape or size best believe maxi climber will be the right fit. However its important to note that its maximum weight is 240 pounds.

Isometric grips

I am a sweaty mess when working out and my hands are perhaps the biggest culprits. It gets so bad that I have to adorn in absorbent gloves when working out. But when I came across the non-stick isometric grips of maxi climber all this was a thing of the past. I can easily and safely hold on to the hand grips even when I’m dripping wet. Whats more, my hands have not bore the wrath of calluses and blisters ever since I started using the maxi climber. How cool is that?

The top handles of the machine are adjustable for an effective workout. The foot pedals cannot be adjusted and there are stationary handlebars that are fixed to the frame. The pedals at the bottom at 21 inch apart. It is suitable for tall as well as short people.

Smart workout timer

One of the biggest bugbears with most home workout equipment is that you are not able to accurately record the amount of calories burned. What if I told you that its possible to keep tabs of the calories burned and workout time with minimal hassle?

You need not fumble around in search of timer buttons. Its right in front of you as you workout. The smart timer starts to record as soon as you begin moving and stops as soon as you come to a halt. There’s no way to cheat this nifty gadget.


I was kinda bummed that the maxi climber was not ready to use right of the box. But in it was 90% per-assembled. The remaining 10% was a walk in the park. It literally took me less than 7 minutes to have it up and running. For a detailed step by step assembly guide kindly read on. 


 The sleek compact design was such  a huge win for me. I don’t have a tonne of extra space in my home so I needed it to behave. I was a bit skeptical when it measured 23×36 x79″, in workout-ready state. However when it folded down to 23 x 16 x 73″ I was home and dry. I figured I can always take it out to the living room to workout and when I’m done store it under my bed or any closet.


  • You get to enjoy the benefits of total body workout at a minimized cost. The maxi climber might as well replace your gym membership and personal trainer.
  • It is lightweight yet still durable.
  • Full body toning
  • It does not inflict any sort of stress to the lower joints of the body.
  • It features a smart timer that accurately tracks your exercise regime.
  • It is compact and can easily fold away for storage purpose.
  • It is easy to assemble and set up in few minutes.


  • The step range is low for people over 6 feet in height.
  • If you are short sighted then you will need to use a step to get on-board

Vertical Climber Buying Guide 


 This may sound a bit cliche but one of my guiding principles when purchasing anything is to get a big bang for my buck. I’m willing to shell out a few extra coins if you can guarantee that the long term value will be worth it. The same principle applies when choosing a vertical climber. Don’t go go for the cheaper or the expensive one. Instead look for one whose value is well worth the price tag if not more.

This then begs the question, how do I assess value? Simple! The features tell a very important tale. Go for features that will make your workout easier. Nifty features like smart timers and  heart rate monitors are just but a few embellishments that add tremendous value to an otherwise mundane workout equipment. Also look out for its versatility.  

Workouts offered

The beauty with vertical climbers is that they offer total body workouts. Even so, some can support a wider range of exercises compared to others. This is often gauged by its height adjustability. The wider the range the more diversified your exercise sessions. You also need to pay close attention to the type and number of steps on the climber. It plays an important role when it comes to the intensity of the exercises.

By this standards, the maxi climber workout routine is highly diversified. It offers some really good options. Read on to find out all you can do with this nifty home workout equipment.


When it comes to safety, the sturdiness of the vertical climber reigns supreme. I have had my fair share of “defective” home work out equipment and let me just say it never ends well.

Imagine the pain of having a tummy trimmer snapping in half just when you’re on the rebound from a sit-up. I was sore for days and the snap left a very ugly mark! Just imagine how much worse it would be if you were to fall off an unstable vertical climber.

I’d suggest you go for one that’s been reinforced with cold rolled steel like maxi climber or covered in aluminum.  A climber of this kind will easily support up to 250 pounds. However if this is not your weight range, you may have to shell out a few more quid for a climber that can support up to 350 pounds.


My love for machines that don’t eat up too much storage space is infinity and beyond. I live a minimalist lifestyle and I prefer when everything is snugly tucked in closets  and out of sight. For this reason, I prefer vertical climbers that can be folded. It seems manufacturers have gotten wind of this neat trick and integrated this feature to most of the 2018 climbers.

As commendable as this trend is, the trade off is assembly time. Ideally you want a vertical climber that will take very little time to assemble while still being easy to fold and store. Not many vertical climbers have been able to achieve this sweet spot. So when I came across the maxi climber that barely demands a 5minute assembly time I knew I had a winner in my hands.

Maxi Climber Assembly

  • Clear out workout space

Start off by clearing out enough space to assemble your maxi climber. I for instance do my workout in the living room so that often means moving some chairs to make sufficient room. If you’re lucky enough to have a room specifically designated for working out you only need to assemble it once and leave it to its own devices.  However for those of us with little space to spare, this will be part of your workout routine. You can opt to look at it like pre-workout warm up (wink).

When in full workout-state the machine will take up about 6 square feet of space. This may sound like a lot but its nowhere close to the space eaten up by other popular fitness equipment the likes of treadmill. However when it comes to height clearance most of the other workout gear have it beat. It can go as high 6 feet. Luckily, if you don’t need the extra height, you can adjust it to your height requirements.

Pro tip: If its your first time assembling, ensure all the materials detailed on the box are available before you dive in. Should you be missing any piece, call Maxi Climber and the missing item will be promptly delivered to your home.

  • Set up the base

After figuring out the space, you can unbox the maxi climber. Let it stand up so that the words “Maxi Climber” are upside down when you read them. Its recommended to kick off by assembling the base so that it can sit unassisted while you move on to other pieces.

Pick up the longer arm and fold it to its limit. You will see two bolts and nuts at the top of the maxi climber.  Carefully unscrew them making certain you do not drop anything. If you’ve done it right, the bigger of the two U-bars should be able to snugly fit within the small cradle. Next, align the holes on the cradle at the top of the machine with those on the U-bar. Carefully run the bolts through the cradle and U-bar then tighten using the wrench tucked in the box.

Go back to the previously folded arm and place it at the top of the maxi climber. You’ll notice that it closely mirrors the piece you’ve dealt with in the previous step. By this I mean it also features two bolts and nuts in identical places.

Repeat the same procedure on this part of the maxi climber. Start by removing the bolts and nuts and setting them aside. Align it in such a way that the smaller U-bar burrows into the cradle with its holes directly over those on the arm of the machine. Next up, gently run the bolts you set aside through the U-bar and cradle.  Finish up by using the tightening wrench to firmly set them in place.

You can pat yourself in the back because you have successfully set up the base. You may now flip the maxi climber to the right side up so that the U-bars nestle slightly above the ground.

  • Remove safety pin and replace it

If you closely look at the base of the equipment, you’ll see a safety pin. Its work is to hold the stabilizing bar in place. Firmly grip this bar as you gently remove the pin. At this point, the bar will drop down and lie in the small triangular protrusion on the opposite side of the machine’s base.

Ensure the holes in the stabilizing bar are properly aligned with those in the in the triangle. Afterwards insert the safety pin into the space available. Make sure the the safety is locked in properly. Keep in mind this is what will stabilize your maxi climber by preventing the base from over extending when you’re vigorously working out.

  • Attach pulleys

At the front of your gadget, somewhere near the base, you’ll come across a set of screws. One is left sided and the right sided but both with a similar design. Yank out the nut on the middle top on both sides.

Next hold on to the pulley strings and find the circular attachment at the base. When you locate it, place it at the end of the pulley around the bolt. Further secure the pulleys by placing back the nut and tightening it. You can now rest assured that your pedals will move in opposite direction as they are intended to do

  • Add handlebars

The last piece of the puzzle are two sets of 4 handlebars. The first set feature two L shaped handlebars marked Left and Right. These are the foot bars. The last set will be slightly smaller pieces meant for your hands.

Insert the right and left foot bars into their corresponding slots. Place them in such a way that they are parallel with the ground. You’ll be required to press the metal pin then slide them into position simultaneously. Repeat the same procedure for the other set.

And voila! You’re ready to climb!

Maxi Climber workout exercises

 One of the things that drew me to this equipment is its versatility. I kid you not, its a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. Not only does it excel in the typical mountain climbing exercises, it also has a large assortment of other creative exercises. Take a look.

  • Palms In vs. Palms Out climbing

The first exercise relates to how you climb the equipment itself. Its done with your palms facing inward. The exercise will engage your forearms, back and biceps. Likewise if its done facing outward, the climb will focus on your shoulders, pecs and triceps. Its up to you to adjust your grip depending on your desired fitness goals.  Who would have ever thought something as simple as direction of grip would change your workout regime.

  • Lower Body Only

If you’re hopping for a leg day, not to worry, maxi climber has got you covered. The climber can be adjusted to act as a stepper. This will ensure the machine will only engage your legs the same way an elliptical machine or a stepper would.

  • Sprints And Valleys

These machines can be used for aerobic training by use of valleys and sprints. For best results, you’ll require a vertical climber that has a speed display reading . However even in the absence of a speed monitor you can hack it with a fit bit.

Seeing as the maxi climber can support different speeds its advised to sprint really fast for a while then follow it up with a “valley” where you can catch your breath and recover. This may as well be the best way to train aerobically on the maxi climber.

Vertical Climber Workout Routine Cheat Sheet

  •  Mountain climbing is no walk in the park. Don’t expect to be a pro on your first try. For this reason, I’d advise you to come up with a practical workout plan with increasing intensity each week. This way you can get into shape without over exerting yourself beyond your body’s limit.
  • The maxi climber can be used in two main ways. You can either use it as strength equipment if you’re looking to tone your muscles and be leaner or as a cardio gadget to burn calories and raise your resting heart rate.
  • In my experience, it is better in cardio workouts compared to strength training. The trick is to start off with short fast sets with resting periods. Refer to the sprints and valley we discussed earlier. The shortest sprint can range anywhere between 5-10 seconds before you progress to longer periods.
  • Lower the step height and take it very slow during the recovery period. Take long deep breathe to allow your body to properly recover. If you purpose to do these types of exercises at least twice a week, cardio will get much easier.
  • Within no time you’ll be able to increase the length of your workouts. Or if you’re in a hurry you may choose to decrease time while increasing intensity for the same results.
  • Experts recommend that you slowly and progressively build on your aerobic training for 1 to 2 months before plunging  into extended, tougher sets. I am living proof that this is the best route to success. There’s no way you can come from a sedentary lifestyle and dive deep into tough sets.

 Maxi climber results

The manufacturers claim that this machine will help you burn much more calories at a much higher rate in comparison a stationary cycle or a standard treadmill. By their calculation, you’ll burn twice as much calories within an hour on the maxi climber in comparison to the treadmill.

I put their assertions to the test and true to their word, I burned 510 calories during a 1-hour workout whereas I was only able to burn 240 on the treadmill. The best part has to be the extra 45% after burn. This means you will be able to burn more calories even after you hop off the machine.

Wrap up!

 The Maxi Climber is a pretty amazing piece of workout equipment and provides one of the best full body workouts around.

At under $200, it’s also one of the most affordable low-impact options for losing weight, toning your entire body, and in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s sleek and compact, easy-fold design also make for easy storage.

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