Best Women’s Beach Cruiser Bikes in 2020


This review of the best women beach cruiser bikes for 2020 explores some of the top bikes in the market and helps users make an informed purchase decision.

We all need to get away from our daily routines, relax, and have some fun. When the sun is high, the beach scenery is very welcoming. What better way to stroll through your neighborhood to the beach than with a beach cruiser bike.

Cruiser bikes are adorned with class and come in radiant colors. They complement their surroundings making them excellent companions for leisure biking.

You will not spend as much as a mountain bike for a cruiser bike, but this does not mean that the manufacturers have compromised on quality. Their simplistic design is for comfort.

Since they are designed for leisure, cruiser bikes are one speed. This is good because you spend less on maintenance while biking on moderate speed. The tires are wide, and this offers a smooth ride while the handles are swept back. The frame design and sitting position ensure that you will not get tired.

The name beach cruiser bikes does not imply that you can only ride it to the beach; use your cruiser bike for short commutes like to the grocery store or your office.

If you have never owned a cruiser bike before it can be confusing making the right decision when browsing through different online stores, there are so many brands to choose from each promising amazing features. This review will help you in your decision making, relax and enjoy the read.

Best Women’s Beach Cruiser Bikes – Comparison table

Cruiser Bike
Wheel size
7 speed
3 speed
Single speed
7 speed
Single speed
7 speed
26 inch
7 speed
Single speed
7 speed


Schwinn 26-inch Ladies Perla 7 speed cruiser bike always has a bike for every biking category. This model does not disappoint with its elegant and simple design. It comes with a seven-speed gear system that makes it great for cruising along the beach or carrying groceries in the evening. It comes with a passenger seat that you can carry the little ones or a backpack.

The durable frame and alloy rims can handle extra weight so do not be afraid to use it for shopping. The braking system for the bike is a bit advanced and because the bike was created with safety in mind. You will find the front and bark fenders helpful when you take the bike off-road. The bike is not only great for cruising, but it is also extremely comfortable courtesy of extra padding.

The shifters on the handlebars make it easy changing gears when cruising downhill. You also get a frame that makes it easy to get on the bike without straining your back. The bike comes with front and back V-brakes that grip the alloy rim firmly when you want to suddenly stop.


  • Comfortable extra padded seats
  • Advanced braking system
  • Handles extra weight well


  • Few accessories


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Firmstrong Urban Lady beach cruiser bike curvy design of this cruiser makes it a darling for many women. You have two sizes to choose from – 24 inches and 26 inches. This is great because it offers women when who are between 4 foot and 6 foot a comfortable bike for the weekends.

The curvy bike design makes this one of the most good-looking cruiser bikes for women. It comes with 17-inch aluminum wheels. The wheels have a wide base for a comfortable ride to the beach. The saddle has a wide surface and has dual springs that ensure that are not thrown over when going for bumpy rides.

Due to the popularity of the bike, the manufacturers have made it available in 17 different color schemes. There are also variations on the gear system with one speed, three speed and seven-speed versions available. This offers numerous options for those who choose to go off-road.

Further customizations include an optional bike basket and the ability to adjust the handlebar for preferred height.


  • Multiple speed options
  • Comfortable saddle with springs
  • Multiple color options


  • Slow bike


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Sixthreezero women 26-inch beach cruiser bike bike model accommodates various women heights. You can choose from one-speed, three-speed, or seven-speed versions. Going to the beach should be exciting, and that is why the model comes in eleven feminine colors.

The one-speed model is easy to maintain because you do not have complex gears that need regular greasing. Should you decide to go for something adventurous, there is the seven-speed model that can handle multiple terrains.

The seat and handles have been designed to place little strain on your neck and back when riding. Front and back fenders are great for off-road muddy trips. The bike’s curvy design has being created with comfort in mind. The bike is low enough for easy peddling while you seat on an upright position. Additional accessories include rear carry bag, front and back fenders, and a built in kickstand.


  • Multiple color options
  • Quality finishes
  • 80% preassembles


  • Lacks a bike basket


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Critical cycles Chatham women’s beach cruiser is a bike has been created with comfort in mind. It rides well and looks great. You will get looks when you take it shopping or use it for leisurely rides across the beach. The bike comes with three-speed options. The simple design can be confusing to many, but the bike is sturdy enough to accommodate the extra weight. The steel frame is durable enough to last for many years and this means you spend less on maintenance.

The tires have a wide surface area and create a comfortable ride. The double wall rims have been included to protect your tubes from being poked by the spokes. This means you spend less on repairs. The steel frame is shock absorbent and creates for a comfortable ride – should you take the bike off-road. You ride the critical cycles beach cruiser in an upright position courtesy of the high cruiser handles.

The bike is lightweight at 40 pounds and can handle an extra 150 pounds without putting too much strain on the frame. Critical cycles cruiser bikes are also available in one, three and seven speed and this gives users a range of choices depending on the terrain they will be tackling. The extra seat can be used for carrying groceries or you can have your child. The faux leather seat is comfortable enough for long rides.


  • Double wall rims protect the tube from spokes
  • Handles over 150 pounds
  • Great design


  • Few color options


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26” Huffy Nel Lusso Women cruiser bike

bikeWe could end our list without including this classic, elegant women cruiser bike. This is the ideal bike for shopping. It comes with two bike baskets – front and rear. This makes it also ideal for commuting or visiting friends in the neighborhood.

The bike comes with large surface area 26” cruiser tires. This offers a comfortable ride despite the terrain you are on. The specially made alloy protect the wheels from weather elements. The bike is lightweight, and you can easily strap it on your SUV for trips to the beach.

What stands out with the Huffy is that they have taken a lot of time on accessories. Besides the two bike baskets, you also get a cup holder. The bike comes already assembled and this means you do not need to spend extra for assembling. The seven speed gear system ensures that you can ride this bike on the beach or on hilly terrain. The curvy frame ensures that you have a comfortable ride with easy access to the pedals.


  • Front and back basket
  • Large surface area tires for smooth rides
  • Lightweight frame


  • Lacks multiple color options


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Micargi Tahiti 7-Speed 24” cruiser bike

Image result for MICARGI TAHITI 7-SPEED 24” CRUISER BIKE reviewNot all cruiser bikes are the same and the Micargi was created to serve women who are under 5.2” in height. The bike is manufactured with handbrakes instead of paddling backwards like most cruiser bikes. The hurdy bike frame can handle bumpy rides whether uphill or downhill.

Micargi cruiser bikes have a shimano 7-speed gear system that makes it easy riding through varying terrain. The tires have stainless steel spokes adorned with an alloy rim. Front and rear fenders keep your bike clean and protect you when navigating muddy waters. The saddle has being cushioned for an easy ride.


  • Suitable for short women
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Matching front and rear fenders


Limited to women under 5.2 inches


This is a comfortable bike for women under 5.2 inches. It comes in bright blue, pink, purple, or green colors that blend in with the environment.

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Fito Modena II Shimano 7-Speed cruiser

Related imageThe Fito is a long lasting bike courtesy of its rust free aluminum. While available in various colors the women version comes in pink. It is the ideal bike for those women who have a height of between 4.10” to 5.10 inches. The 7-speed gear system handles well in multiple terrains.

The paddling back braking system is synonymous with most cruiser bikes but the Fito goes against the grain with a handle braking system. The seat is comfortable enough for bumpy rides. However, it lacks fenders to protect the bike from mud and dirt and you do not get accessories like carry basket or bell. The alloy rims have being fitted with reflectors that help identify the bike at night.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Bright pink color
  • Suitable for short women


  • Lacks accessories like carry basket and fenders.


The Fito is the ideal bike for short women. It’s hurdy frame is durable and can handle multiple terrains; it comes in various bright colors – preferred by most women.

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Kulana women cruiser bike

Image result for Kulana women cruiser bikeYou will not be using your beach bike all the time. The Kulana is an affordable bike that is suitable for those who only want to use their bikes over the weekends or when traveling to the beach. But, that does not mean it lacks most of the features found in high-end models. The only downside is that some of the materials used in the bike are locally sourced and may not last long.

The single speed bike is comfortable and easy to ride. You have a durable steel frame that can handle more weight while giving the bike stability when cruising on rough and smooth surfaces. The wheels are a disappointment and we would not recommend using them for off-road purposes – they get punctured easily.

However, for its tire shortcomings the bike comes with front and back fenders which help keep mud of your bike. You also get and comfortable seat and easy to use handlebars. You paddle backwards whenever you want to stop. The pedals are also annoying short and can be difficult to use with heavy shoes.


  • Budget friendly bike
  • Front and back fenders
  • Durable steel frame


  • Some of the bike parts are made from low quality materials and are not long lasting


This is a great bike for those who plan on using it occasionally. It is budget friendly with features found in high-end models. However, you need be aware of your surroundings because the tires easily puncture.

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Margaritaville Coast women cruiser bike

Image result for Margaritaville Coast women cruiser bikeThis is the ideal bike for Jimmy Buffet fans. You have a non-removable logo prominently displayed on the bike frame and this shows off how serious you are about outdoor biking. Along the steel chain guard you have an emblazoned parrot. The icons do not come off even when you are washing the bike. The parrot icons extend to the handle bars.

The bike can be used for cruising on the beach or on mountainous regions courtesy of its seven speed gear system. Manufactured by Schwinn Perla the gear system handles well but you will need to keep it oiled for enhanced maneuverability. You get front and back fenders to protect the bike from muddy waters. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum which makes it extremely easy to carry around. You also do not strain while peddling.

The major drawback to the Margaritaville is that it is not suitable for very tall women. The aluminum frame while lightweight contributes to the bike being more costly than other bikes in its class. The braking system is unlike most cruiser bikes that peddle backwards – you have braking handlebars. The bike does good with some accessories like carry basket for weekend grocery shopping’s.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Front and back fenders
  • Iconic logos on the frame and handlebars


  • Not recommended for tall women


For those who love Jimmy Buffet items then the Margaritaville is the right choice. Enjoy bike rides across multiple terrains courtesy of a seven speed gear system and lightweight frame.

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Micargi Pantera Shimano women Cruiser bike

Image result for Margaritaville Coast women cruiser bikeThis versatile cruiser bike is deal for beach rides and hilly trips. The seven-speed gear system can handle most terrain with ease without causing strain on your back and neck. On the handlebars, you will find your twist shifters and v-brakes. The frame has being created with comfort in mind and you do not find it straining accessing the pedals and handle.

Once you start riding you will find it easy to go with the rhythm. To get the most value from your bike you need accessories. The Micargi comes with front and back fenders that will ensure that your clothes don’t get dirty during muddy rides. You also get a front light for night trips and wheel reflectors to ensure that other motorists notice you at night.

The steel frame is strong enough to last for days but the downside is it makes it hard peddling the bike on hills. This is a stylish bike for your beach rides and occasional shopping escapades.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Easy to shift seven-speed gear system
  • More accessories like fenders, headlights
  • Comfortable v-frame that does not strain the back and neck


  • The steel frame is heavy and can make it hard peddling during hilly areas


You use this cool bike for beach and hilly rides. You have gear shifters mounted on the handlebars for easy access and this ensures you enjoy a smooth ride.

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What factors should you look out for when purchasing women cruiser bike?

For some people, all bikes look the same. Bikes are designed for serve different purposes. The beach women cruiser bike is ideal for cruising along the beach, short commutes to work and for shopping. Some come with extras like cup holders and bike baskets. Look out for the following factors when shopping for one.

Wider Tires

What you are looking for in a cruiser bike is comfort. The wide tires often associated with balloons but they are great for ensuring that the ride is smooth and comfortable. You spend less on tire punctures because the tires rarely get deflated due to their large surface area. The wide tires also handle beach biking with ease because they do not sink into the sand.

Bike frame

For an enhanced biking experience the cruiser bikes come with heavy frames that are mostly made from steel. While this makes them heavy, they make the bike more stable. You also have better control of the bike when riding against weather elements.

Forward handlebars

Your comfort is a priority when it comes to cruiser bike, and that is why they come with forward placed handlebars. This ensures that you can steer the bike in an upright position. The pedals and handlebars are closer to the body of the rider. This prevents them from exerting pressure on their back and neck. When you do not put so much pressure on your posture, you get a more comfortable ride.


Some of the cruiser beach bikes come with extras like cup holders, bells or front and back bike baskets. The baskets are great when you are going shopping while a passenger seat lets you carry your three-year-old for short trips. Find a bike that suits your tastes and preferences.

Coaster brakes

The brakes on most cruiser beach bikes are those where you push back the peddle. This is convenient because you are not expected to ride the bike at high speeds – it is a leisure bike.

One or little gears

Most of the cruiser beach bikes have one gear with some being seven speeds. This is because the bike is designed for leisure and comfort. The bikes are also meant for flat surfaces. For those who prefer longer commutes and want to go off-road, there are cruiser bikes with seven speeds and above. One advantage of having one-speed gears is that they are easy to maintain and enable you to absorb the scenery.

Comfortable saddles

The saddle in the cruiser beach bike is one of the most comfortable amongst bikes. It comes with extra springs that act as shock absorbers. This offers a smooth ride even when going over rocks and bumpy surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions on Women Cruiser Bikes

What are the various types of cruiser bikes?

It is easy selecting a mountain bike because there are so many models available. Things are different when it comes to cruiser bikes. There are two types of cruiser bikes available in the market – beach and stretch cruisers. The beach cruiser is the most common due to its stylish design.

You can identify one due to its flat tires and the fact that you seat in an upright position. Most beach bikes come with 26 inch alloy wheels. This are ideal for cruising in sandy beaches. The handles have also being extended for maneuverability.

The stretch cruisers are very similar to the beach bikes but they come with elongated handlebars. Instead of riding in an upright position like the beach bike the stretch cruiser enables one to seat in an reclined position. The seat is also shorter. The front wheel is also pushed forward through choppers.

Are beach bikes only available as one-speed?

While it is the norm to find most beach cruiser bikes being one speed you also have models that have three or seven speeds. The bike is made with comfort in mind and it makes it easier to peddle a one speed.

The need to cycle around hilly terrains necessitated the creation of multiple speed bikes. However, this require additional maintenance unlike the one-speed. You also have to be careful not to lose the chains.

How do you stop a beach cruiser bikes?

Conventional bikes often have brake pads and handlebars. The design for most beach cruiser bikes originated with the coaster bikes brakes. In this case you peddle backwards when you want to stop. This creates clean looking handlebars devoid of clutter.

The drawback of this braking system is that you need to put more effort when stopping the bike. They can also be very dangerous when you are cruising downhill and the chain breaks. The handlebars are easy to use and provide the right grip when making emergency stops.

What accessories should I expect with beach cruiser bikes?

Different bike brands offer various bike accessories. A carry basket is makes it easy to carry around groceries. Some bikes come with an extra back seat that you can carry a child during leisurely rides around the neighborhood. Front and back fenders are great when you are cruising in muddy roads. The fenders keep your bike and clothes clean. Some other accessories that you should look out for include front headlight, tire reflectors, cup holders and a bell.

How comfortable are beach cruiser bikes?

The bikes are low riders and this enables one to seat in an upright position. However, due to demand for various designs not all beach cruiser bikes are low riders. It is ideal that you find something with a comfortable leather seat and strong steel/aluminum frame. The upright seating position is ideal for leisurely cruises along beaches.

How strong is the bike frame?

Most of the beach cruiser bikes are made from steel or aluminum. This makes them a bit heavy but you should expect the frame to last a lifetime. The frame is often heavier than a typical mountain bike – this ensures that the bike does not wobble during fast rides. The downside is that it makes riding the bike uphill hard. The bike is great for riding around sandy and rocky areas.

Why do beach cruisers have wider tires?

The beach cruiser bike is designed for leisure rides along sandy surfaces. The wide tires offer a wide surface area and prevent the bike from sinking into the sand. The tires are also less likely to get punctured unlike thin tires. Wide tires make the beach cruiser bikes ideal for both flat and rough terrain.

What colors are available for women beach cruiser bikes?

The bikes have been designed for female users and this necessitates attractive colors like bright pink, green, blue or purple. You will find some bikes coming with the option of one color while some factor in multiple choices. The design of the beach cruiser bikes is attractive enough to blend with the surrounding. The bike has been designed for easy peddling while one enjoys the scenery.


The next time you decide to head to the beach tag along with your cruiser bike with your favorite bikini. Cruiser bikes are designed for comfort and leisure and enable you to absorb your environment as you ride along.


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