Best Women Hybrid Bikes in 2020 ( Reviews & Guide )

In this review of the best women hybrid bikes, you will find the ideal bike for commuting to work during the weekdays and for hiking during the weekends.

If you are looking for a bike to use on the road, for mountain terrain and touring but do not want to waste money on three bikes, then you should give hybrid bikes a try. The bike’s versatility makes it great for women who want to carry along essential accessories on their trip.

You can use your hybrid bike to get to work, take a leisurely ride in the neighborhood, or go off-road during hiking sessions. The bike’s frame is sturdy enough to handle multiple terrains without putting a strain on the tires and spokes. You also get to enjoy a comfortable ride at all times.

But, how do you even start shopping for a new hybrid bike with so many brands available?

It can be confusing – especially if you have never owned a hybrid bike before. However, we have come up with a detailed review of the top women hybrid bikes in 2020. We will analyze top bike features on measures like comfort, durability, affordability, and how they perform on different terrain.

Best Women Hybrid Bikes – A comparison table

 Hybrid bike
21 speed
29-inch, 700c wheels on alloy rims
21 speed
26-inch, 700c wheels on alloy rims
21 speed
28-inch 700c wheels


Best Women Hybrid Bikes – Overview

Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-speed bike (700c)

This is one of the top recommended hybrid bikes for women. The bike offers excellent value for money with many of cool features. The bike comes with a 21-speed Shimano gear shifter, which makes it great for pedal resistance. It is super comfortable courtesy of its upright riding position. This works well when you are navigating rough terrains.

The bike is made from a durable and lightweight aluminum frame. The bike developers have outsourced most of their parts from Shimano. What is amazing about the bike is that even though it’s being made from quality products, the price is still within reach of many.

You will find an assemble manual with purchase. In there you find simple instruction for bike assembly. The bike comes with 700c wheels on alloy rims. The bike is available in both white (women) and black (men) colors.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Relaxed, comfortable upright riding position
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Fast release clamp


  • Assembling the bike not that easy


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Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer bike

This is an ideal bike for commuting and going for occasional off-road rides during the weekends. The bike comes in a retro mint color with a seven-speed shifter. To ensure maximum comfort when navigating busy streets, you get a spring-loaded seat.

Schwinn has built a reputation for building quality bikes, and they do not disappoint with this model. The frame is made from steel, and this makes it withstand harsh terrain while remaining lightweight. The bike comes with 26-inch alloy wheels that offer great maneuverability and control. You get better traction control both off-road and on-road.

The bike can be confused for a cruiser, but it is actually a hybrid bike. Smooth changing gears ensure that you travel in comfort.


  • Great design frame
  • Gives room for accessories
  • Smooth seven-speed gears
  • Comfortable seat


  • Often confused for a cruiser


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Schwinn Discover Women’s hybrid bike (700c)

Schwinn is one of the most popular bike manufacturing companies in the US. When you purchase any of their bikes, you are assured of long-term quality service. This is the right hybrid bike for women who are looking for something to commute to the office, go for shopping at the weekends and hiking with friends.

The bike has suspension folks that ensure a smooth ride in rough terrain. You also get alloy crank with 21-grip shifters. You ride the bike in an upright position with the handlebars high enough for easy navigation. The handles are also tilted back to give the bike a sleek design.

With a rear rack, you can place some of your groceries when out shopping or carry your young one. The bike is not lightweight and can be a bit uncomfortable when going for long rides.

This is a great bike for those who get intimidated by bikes with so many gears – comes with only seven. To make it easier to shift gears, the hybrid bike comes equipped with SRAM twist shifter. The metal fenders keep your bike clean when you are going through muddy areas; you also get a nice bell and linear brakes for emergency stops.


  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Great value for money
  • Metal fenders


  • Not lightweight


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What to look out for when purchasing a hybrid bike for women

It can be confusing going to the market in search of a hybrid bike. With so many brands to choose from making the right choice can be a herculean task. But, you need not to worry once you learn about factors to consider. You can then narrow down your selection to specific characteristics. The perfect hybrid bike should be a combination of a mountain and road bike. When you combine the two, you can take road trips on rough terrain while still using your bike for commuting to the office.

Why do people buy hybrid bikes?

The first thing reason for women’s preference for hybrid bikes is its versatility to operate as both a mountain bike and a smooth road bike. You can use it for weekends and commuting to work. Conventional mountain bikes often force the rider to be an uncomfortable position. Hybrid bikes have flat handlebars that are comfortable to work with.

Large, wide wheels

What you need for mountain terrain are wide, large tires. These offer a wider surface area and give your bike better stability and control. The large tires can also act as shock absorbers when you are riding on rocks. The difference with mountain bike tires is that the hybrid tires are lighter and you do not need to struggle cycling uphill.

Seat positioning

If you are going to be cycling for hours, then a comfortable sitting position is a must. Hybrid bikes come with longer and flat handlebars with brakes on the side. This offers bikers a more relaxed position that prevents them from straining their back and neck while riding. You do not need to adjust your back to accommodate aerodynamics like in cruiser bikes which have curved handlebars.


No matter how good a hybrid bike is, you need to consider your budget. Hybrid bikes cost hundreds of dollars to some a thousand dollars. Look for something that is within your budget and offers good value for money. Purchase a bike that is loaded with accessories to justify the hefty price. A good bike should also be durable and last a lifetime without the need for constant changing.


It is important that you get a bike that is the right size. You do not want don’t want something that makes it hard to reach the pedals. This is particularly important when you are purchasing your bike online. Most of the online stores offer size charts which you can use to gauge whether the bike is too high.

Replaceable components

You should purchase a bike that gives you to change some of the components like chains, chair, derailleurs, brakes, and tires. Most bike owners will with time replace some of the bike components and get something that is more to their unique tastes and preferences. The frameset most often is the only component that cannot be changed – make sure you purchase the best frameset in the market. Look for something durable and lightweight.

Extra accessories

When purchasing your hybrid bike look for extras like bells, carriers for groceries and metal fenders. The latter are great when you are going through muddy areas. The brakes should be smooth and effective and should not bite into the tires.

They should also be strategically placed at the end of the handle bars for easier reach. Seats come in different textures and designs. Look for something that is not only stylish but comfortable. Some seats will handle coils at the bottom that act as shock absorbers.


The hybrid bike is a multipurpose bike that can handle daily commuting while allowing the user to use it for recreational activities like hiking and off-road rides. Choosing the right hybrid model can be challenging – especially when you have never owned a bike. It is paramount that you research on models available in the market.

Our review has highlighted three top hybrid brands in the market. The bikes stand out for being durable, versatile, and comfortable. Hybrids bikes come in a variety of colors. Choose a hybrid bike that you can easily upgrade. It is only the bike’s frame that cannot be changed so choose it wisely.

Find something lightweight and durable. Get a bike with extras like bells, metal fenders, and carrier bag. If you are purchasing your bike online, ensure that you get the right size. You can ask a bike repair technician to advise your ideal size. Having a hybrid bike is exciting because you get to have lots of fun with it.

But, it does not stop there. You have to take care of your bike. Wash it regularly and grease any movable parts. If you find changing gears, complicated find a bike that has few gears – like seven. Comfort should be your key determining factor when purchasing a hybrid bike. Ensure that you can easily reach the pedals and brakes.

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