7 Best Vertical Bicycle Wall Mounts in 2020 (Reviews and Guide)

Best Vertical Bicycle Wall Mount

Cycling is one of the most exciting ways to exercise and spend your free time. That is why it is not only important to invest in a high-quality bike, it is also vital that you own a safe and secure space to store your bike. When it comes to the safekeeping of your bike a bicycle wall mount is an ideal choice. 

Hey there! My name is Alvin. I am a businessman, a father, and a cycling enthusiast. Since I was a young boy, I have taken part in a ton of cycling adventures and I have also invested in several bikes.

Cycling and owning a ton of high-quality bikes is great until it comes to finding a way to store and secure your investments. I live in a beautiful bungalow; however, I am short on space. Using the bicycle wall mounts is a great solution to my dilemma.

In this article, I list down the most ideal vertical wall mounts for your bicycle. I also highlight the main features as well as the advantages giving you a clear idea of the product that you are interested in.

Best Vertical Bicycle Wall Mount – Comparison Table

Main Features
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The Pack Wheel Storage Hanging Rack from OVOV 2
It is solid and durable

U shape design, allowing accessories

The Harley Touring Wall Mount Rack Storage Trunk Tour Pak from Happy Motor
You can mount it well either in the garage or on the entryway of your home.

There are two convenient hooks for hanging extra items like helmets or jackets

You can store any of your separable additions


The Wall-Mounted Bike Hanger Hook from Yosoo
It maintains a strong and steady hold for your bike

It is U-shaped

It can be used domestically in your home or commercially to display bikes in your shop

The hardware is heavy duty perfect for mounting on hollow walls and wood studs,


The Livivo mount cycle dual hook folding garage wall bicycle bike storage stand from Generic
It can be placed on a ton of surfaces such as stone surfaces, brick and concrete

When it is not in use, 90% of its structure can be folded up against the wall.

You can use it to carry around pogo sticks, toys and scooters

The Indoor Kayak Storage Wall-Mounted Heavy-Duty Hooks Hanger from Hosko
The wall mount does not have any fixed shape. Therefore; users are provided with a great platform to come up with creative ideas for the wall mount.

The size of this wall mount is really large therefore it can hold a lot more weight.

The wall mount can hold even very heavy objects.

The Bicycle Wall Hook Vertical Rack Holder from WeYingLe
You can use it with mountain bikes folding bikes and even more

The hook can rotate to 360 degrees.

It is made of steel

The Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand from Conquer
The head swivel can rotate 360 degrees

It is versatile

Very easy to use

It is detachable

Made of Aluminum and ABS

Best Vertical Bicycle Wall Mount overview

The Pack Wheel Storage Hanging Rack from OVOV 2

OVOV 2 Pack Wheel Hangers Heavy Duty Wall Mount Tire Rack Wheel...
  • SIZE - Top length is 11"/ 27.9cm, the inner length is 12"/30.5cm. The vertical base is about 5.9"/ 15cm,the width is about 1"/ 2.5cm, the thickness is 4mm.
  • MATERIAL - Made from high quality iron material, painted matte black, durable and beautiful.

The pack wheel storage wall mount rack is one of the most appropriate pieces of equipment that you can use to hang up your ladder, bicycle, and even your surfboard. The hanging rack has an elevated length from the wall.

The hanging rack is made of high-quality iron material making it strong enough to hold your equipment. The iron material also ensures that the rack will last for an extended time. It has a U-shape design that is perfect allowing all your items to fit properly. This wall rack is painted black and it serves as a beautiful addition to your home.


  • It is very affordable
  • Users can hang many different things on this wall mount, hence it serves a number of different purposes
  • You are guaranteed that your bike is safe when on the wall mount. It cannot fall down
  • The wall mount does not occupy a lot of space
  • Mounting this wall rack is very easy.


  • This wall rack cannot fold upwards towards the wall.

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The Harley Touring Wall Mount Rack Storage Trunk Tour Pak from Happy Motor

Wall Mount Storage rack storage For Harley Touring Ultra Classic CVO...
  • FITMENT: Fits For Harley Touring Tour Pak
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: One Storage Rack

If you are looking for a wall mount that can hold all your equipment in place, then you are assured that this Harley touring mount rack is one of the best options for you. This mount rack is easy to carry around and it has been specially designed for all your bike and cycling accessories. You can even store all of your detachable accessories on this wall mount.

To maintain the shape of the rack, it is built with a bag structure that is strengthened with metallic poles. Once you have properly mounted this rack, the wall will hold it firmly. It has many storage slots, that you can use to pack your items in a detailed manner.


  • Installing this rack is so easy
  • Users can easily arrange all their accessories
  • It does not occupy a lot of space and you can store a great number of items


  • You are limited to storing just a few items.

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The Wall-Mounted Bike Hanger Hook from Yosoo

Yosoo Bicycle Storage Rack-Wall Mounted Bike Hanger Hook, Bike Bicycle...
  • The wall mount bike hanger is designed to hang your bike by its Fe for bicycle demostration or saving valuable space in your shed or garage.
  • Rubber Coating Ensures No Scratching. Folds Upwards When Not in Use.

This bike hanger hook from Yosoo, works well in hanging and supporting your bike by its body. This wall mount was designed with the idea of allowing you to save on the space in your garage, your home, or even your bicycle shop. If you are interested in a wall mount that will not occupy too much space, this is the most ideal option.

The stand is designed from very strong and steady steel material. This heavy-duty steel hardware makes it ideal as you can mount it on hollow walls and even wood studs. The steel material also makes it easy for the stand to accommodate accessories of very high capacity. The metal is covered with a rubber coating that protects your bike and accessories from any kind of scratches. The wall mount is also designed with fold ups meaning that when the wall mount is not in use, you can simply fold it against the wall.


  • Installing this wall mount is very easy
  • You get to save on a lot of space
  • It is made of solid steel metal making it strong and durable
  • You can hang any kind of bike on this stand


  • The stand can only accommodate a single bike
  • This wall mount can only support a maximum weight of 66 pounds

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The Livivo mount cycle dual hook folding garage wall bicycle bike storage stand from Generic

LIVIVO Dual Hook Folding Garage Wall Mounted Bicycle Bike Storage...
  • Extremely sturdy dual hook bike holder.
  • Keep your bike tidly out of the way on the wall.

The Dual Hook Livivo bicycle wall mount is also one of the best wall mounts in the industry. It is designed with two silicon hooks to hold up your bicycle from the crossbar. There is also the iron rod that is strong enough to support your bike. Both of these features make the wall mount an incredibly strong bike holder that you can use in your garage.

This wall mount can be fixed on many different surfaces such as stones, concrete, and brick. Placing your bike on the wall mount ensures that it is not in the way and provides you with a lot more space in your home. When you are not using this wall mount, there is the hinged action option, whereby at the base of the rod, you can fold the hooked protrusion. This allows you to fold up to 90% of the wall mount anatomy against the wall. This wall mount is ideal for bicycles, pogo sticks, toys, and even scooters.


  • Easy to install
  • Variety of surface options to install on
  • Accommodates other items on it
  • Uses a little amount of space


  • This wall mount has a very limited weight capacity of only 25lb

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The Indoor Kayak Storage Wall-Mounted Heavy-Duty Hooks Hanger from Hosko

Heavy Duty Garage Indoor Kayak Storage Hooks Hanger, Wall Mounted...
  • VARIOUS FUNCTIONS - Great for garage storage organization like surfboard, canoe, kayak, folded chairs, ladders, bicycles, tools, garden hoses, lumber, sport equipment and other bulky items. And you can use two of them as a match to hang heavy objects.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - This heavy duty large arm storage hook is made of tubular steel which is durable and sturdy and it’s powder coated and rust resistant. The large arm garage hook has EVA arm protector, which can protect steel tubes perfectly.

This heavy-duty indoor kayak storage wall mount is one of the most ideal wall mount racks in the market. These types of wall mounts work well in carrying all of your accessories such as your bicycle, ladders, garden pipes, canoes, folded chairs, and even your kayak. This wall mount also facilitates the organization of many other bulky items.

A great feature of this wall mount hanger is the U-shape design. The hanger is designed with steel material ensuring that it is strong and very durable. It is of very high quality and it is covered with powder keeping the hanger safe from any chance of accumulating rust.


  • It is so easy to put up this wall mount
  • With the indoor kayak storage wall, you can hang a number of different objects
  • You can restructure it to fit the different types of needs that you have.


  • It occupies a lot of space
  • It can only hold items up to 100lbs.

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The Bicycle Wall Hook Vertical Rack Holder from WeYingLe

WeYingLe Bicycle Wall Hook Rack Holder Hanger Stand, Vertical Bike...
  • INDOOR BICYCLE STORAGE – Now you can easily store your bike inside your garage, carport, or apartment by using our HEAVE Indoor Bike Rack to keep it safe, secure, and out of your way when not in use.
  • SAFETY – Wall bike rack features hook with rubber coating to protect your bicycle from scratches, and safety locking mechanism prevents accidental release.

One of the greatest advantages of this bicycle wall hook from WeYingLe is that it is affordable. It also works well in providing additional space to your home or your garage. This wall hook is an indoor model designed with a rotatable hook model. The hook can rotate up to 360 degrees. It is made of steel material making it very strong and durable.

This wall hook is covered with rubber keeping it safe from rust and scratches. To ensure that the installation process is fast and easy, users are provided with all the hardware. The lock mechanism ensures that your bike remains secure on the wall. This wall mount has a vertical style and it can only support a maximum weight of 66lbs. Users can also make use of the 18 months warranty that comes with the product.


  • You can use this wall mount to secure your mountain bike, your folding bike, and many other types of bikes.
  • The hook can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • This wall mount is designed with steel material


  • It can only support a maximum weight of 66lbs

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The Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand from Conquer

Conquer Bicycle Wall Mount Repair Stand Bicycle Rack - Rotating Head
  • Locking 360 ° roating head adjusts clamp to any angle, clamp top tube or seatpost
  • Sturdy steel construction, mounting flange has 5 holes (hardware not included)

This bicycle wall mount is quite flexible. It allows you to secure your bike off the floor of your complex and it ensures that repairing the bicycle is so much easier. Users can rotate the locking head of this wall mount to 360-degrees which is great as you will get the chance to clamp onto the tube of the seat post. The wall mount is designed with two wall plates that can shift the frame to face a variety of positions. The wall mount is also designed with a fast release system. When this wall mount is not in use, you can disconnect the frame from the wall of your home.

This wall mount from Conquer is designed from Aluminum and ABS material ensuring that it remains strong and very durable. The wall mount can only support a maximum hanging weight of 50lbs. The wall mount has a black elegant color making it look nice and stylish even when mounted right in the middle of your home.


  • This wall mount is so easy to use
  • It has a head swivel that can rotate to 360 degrees
  • It is detachable


  • It can only carry a maximum weight of 50 lbs

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What to Consider when Purchasing the Best Vertical Bicycle Wall Mount

Your House or Your Storage Space 

Before you purchase your wall mount, you should take some time to inspect the space that is available in your garage, your house, or your place of business. At the end of the day, the wall mount that you choose depends on what you would prefer. You can pick out a standing rack that does not need you to screw it in. This kind of wall mount is an ideal choice especially if you are not looking to purchase anything that will be permanently fixated on your wall. However, if you are looking for a wall mount that will occupy very little space, you could select a wall mount that does not require any kind of drilling or screwing.

The Storage Space 

Bike racks and wall mounts are specially designed to consume very minimal space while still supporting your bicycle either on the ceiling, the wall, or on the storage racks. If controlling the space that you occupy is a priority, then you must take some time to consider the size of your wall mount. This is because even the most ideal wall racks come in different sizes. There are really small wall racks and large wall racks. If you want to get the most out of your bike rack, while still making use of the least amount of space, you should consider purchasing a small mounting rack that will keep you’re your bike safe and secure.

Your Budget 

The most ideal way to go shopping is to create a budget. It is not advisable to break the bank and purchase items that you cannot afford. There are a great number of very affordable bike racks, however, there are also several racks that are very pricey. It is therefore important that you take some time to browse through the different options in the market and select a bike rack that will suit you.

The Reviews of the Bicycle Wall Mount 

As we all know, most of the products in the market are only as good as the clients say it is. That is why it is vital that you browse through the different number of reviews before you purchase your most preferable bike rack. Going through reviews is great as it also gives you a chance to learn a great number of things that you may not have known when it comes to installation or even different ways of maintaining your bike rack. To get the proper kind of feedback, it is advisable that you go through at least two reviews.


It does not matter if you live in a dorm room, a small studio apartment, or your own spacious home, bicycle wall mounts work well in allowing you to save a lot of space. In this review, I have listed the top 7 vertical bicycle wall mounts in the market. These wall mounts are versatile and are strong enough giving you the chance to use them for a great number of years. I hope that this review will act as a perfect guide in helping you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the most ideal bicycle wall mount in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Is it advisable to store your bike vertically?

Positioning your bike vertically, or perhaps in an upside-down position allows the transfer of air. This ensures that your brakes are spongy. However, if your brakes are very well maintained, you will not have any cases of air bubbles. Storing your bike in a vertical position will not lead to any case of spongy brakes. It is important to note that even in bicycle shops, there are a great number of bikes are stored in a vertical position.

  1. Is it advisable to hang your bike from the wheel?

Positioning your bike on a single hook and hanging it by one wheel will exert a lot of pressure on the rim and this could lead to a lot of damage. Several experts advise that you position or hang your bikes on two single points of contact on the frame and not by the wheel of the bike.

  1. Is it okay to hang your mountain bike upside down?

You can always turn your mountain bike upside down for just a couple of minutes before any kind of ride. The one problem that you might experience is in the brakes as the hydraulic fluid might leak. Therefore, if you choose to hang your mountain bike upside down, you must keep an eye out for the hydraulic brakes.



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