I love everything about bikes. I have loved them since I got my first bike when I was 7 years old. In fact, I participate in cycling events all year round. You could say that cycling is my full time hobby and part time job.

I know how finding the right bike can be difficult, especially with the number of bike on the market today. I made this with people who enjoy biking in mind.

For fitness and health, you need to be physically active. Doing some regular physical activities will help protect you from major diseases like heart disease, mental illness, obesity, cancer, and arthritis.

After some extensive research, I find that riding your bicycle is one of the best ways to reduce the risks of these health related issues.

Cycling is a low impact exercise that is very healthy. You can enjoy this activity at any age, whether you are an adult or child. This is cheap, fun and environmental friendly way to boost your health.

You can also take this opportunity and create efficient ways to combine your daily routine with regular exercise. You can ride the bike to the shops or work if it seems fit.

How to cycle for health and fitness

Fun fact; it will only take you some two or four hours a week to see some general improvement in your health.

Other facts about cycling

It is low impact; it does not cause as much strain and injury as other forms of exercise.

Biking is a great muscle workout -It uses all of your major muscle groups during peddling; this means that you will come out of the exercise feeling stronger.

Cycling is super easy -Unlike most sports, it does not require high levels of skill. One you learn how to ride a bicycle you will not forget it.

Bikes are good for strength and stamina- It is pretty obvious that cycling will increase your fitness, strength and stamina.

You can change the intensity of your work out- just like other exercise you can control the level of intensity. You can start out with a low intensity and build that up to high. This is very convenient for physical therapy if you are trying to recover from an illness.

Cycling is fun – generally, it is a fun way to get fit and. The adventure plus buzz you can get from being outdoors and coasting down hills and being outdoors is unfathomable. Compared to other physical activities, cycling will keep you outdoors. It does not require a special time or place like going to the gym.

It is a time efficient sport – you can use it as a sport of means of transport, either way you get to save some time. It replaces the time you spend seated on a vehicle with healthy exercise.

Types of bicycles

Mountain bikes

The famously known mountain bikes are known to have wide knobby tires that allow them to move through large obstacles and dirt. They have rugged frames and flat handle bards to allow easy movement. You can navigate through rock trails and mountains easily. The giant mountain bikes reviews, huffy vs schwinn mountain bikes and trek vs specialized electric mountain bike review will help you find the perfect mountain bike for your adventurous activities

Hybrid/comforter bikes


There are endless types of hybrid bikes in the market; they all share the same features but you can differentiate them with the size of the wheel. Hybrid bikes are known to have larger, thinner wheels traditionally. Read from hybrid vs mountain bike to get a bike loaded with comfort and features that run smoothly on paved trails, smooth dirt and other basic trails.

Road bikes

You can identify this type of bike from their skinny tires and drop handlebars. They have extreme speed and efficiency therefore perfect for the road. Their tires are large and thin, helping them glide through the road effortlessly. The road master bike review will help you find the perfect choice if you intend to have longer rides on roads.

Triathlon/time trial bikes

These are specifically built for time trial races or events and triathlons. Basically, they have bull horned handlebars that are forward facing. They also have area bars to allow you to lean forward in aerodynamic position. The best triathlon bikes for racers focus heavily on the aerodynamics.

BMX/ trick bike

They are single speed bikes with a short dirt track. Basically, they have a 20’’ wheel. This will help you meet the best selection if you intend on doing tricks and jumps on your bike.

Commuting bike

This is simply any bike you use for general transportation. They have different styles but the rear racks, bags, lights and fenders all look the same. For people looking for a utilitarian tool, Electra townie commute review will help you find the best transportation, and exercise device.


Cyclotrons Bike

This bike has the drop handlebars but the tires are much wide and knobby than the basic ones. They are designed for dirt trail racing and can run over small obstacles placed in intervals.

Kid’s bike

They are basically designed for children. The main issue they focus on is safety most have removable wheels that provide balance to the kids. Huffy kids bike reviews will help you find the perfect bike for your kid.

Tandem bike

This bicycle, like the name suggest is build for two. It is perfect for family activities or two person events. Tandem bikes come in multiple styles; they are great levellers in the cycling world. This bike is perfect for blind people who would want to enjoy a bike ride themselves. Synchronising this bike is the hardest part of owning it.

Track Bike/Fixed Gear

Track bike is a road bike with just a single gear. A cyclist cannot be able to coast this type of bike. The bikes have no breaks so the cyclist would be required to use their own strength to stop them. As opposed to track bikes, the fixed gear has a break and can be used outdoors. Racers in training can find the perfect fixed gear bike through kilo tt pro vs kilo wt review.

Adult Trike

This is basically a three wheeled bike for adults. They come in various configurations. If you have poor balancing, you can go for the adult Trike.

Folding Bike

The folding bike is the ultimate travel companion, learn more from the trek remedy vs santa cruz nomad. They are very simple to fit into the subway, car or boat due to the folding action.

Beach cruiser

It is made for a short distance ride on a flat terrain. Beach cruisers have high handles and the bike have chain guards and fenders. They have a low speed and not designed for hilly terrains.


They are not traditional looking and their chare is set lower than the average bikes. Like many other bikes, they come in several configurations.

The benefits of cycling can be divided into several groups

Health benefits

Not that to receive the health benefits of cycling, you will have to do it continuously and on a regular basis. They do not just show up when you cycle a couple of hours a month

They include

  • Building some muscles –
  • Cutting weight and fat
  • Strengthening your legs
  • Cycling helps in decreasing stress
  • It helps develop a proper breathing technique
  • You will have less anxiety
  • Gives the body an opportunity to stretch
  • You get better sleep
  • It boost your libido
  • For a healthy heart
  • Works out your lungs
  • Improve your cholesterol levels
  • Helps cancer patients fight the desease
  • Control your diabetes
  • Boost the brain power
  • East frequently
  • Improves your blood pressure
  • Stay in tune with your body
  • Exercise makes you look younger
  • It helps regulate digestion
  • Keeps your diseases at bay
  • It improves your bone structure
  • Helps treat arthritis
  • Helps you stay hydrated
  • Improves your posture

Now that you have seen the endless health benefits of cycling, it is time for the next one. if you are not convinced that cycling is health y now, maybe the next few benefits might convince you

The environmental benefits

The truth is, cars are not very great to the environment in so many ways. They contribute to air and noise pollution and are one of the main contributors to the green house gas emission and climate change. Bicycles do not run on any diesel; this makes them environmentally sustainable alternatives to other forms of transport.

Here is an outline of the environmental benefits of cycling

  • Reduces the carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduces smog
  • Cycling cuts on noise pollution
  • Less space
  • Minimal idling and jam on the read
  • There are fewer resources required to make and use bicycles
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Save trees and other living beings

Did you know that cycling has economic benefits? Check them out below

The economic benefits

Economic benefits of cycling

If you are looking for ways to save more money, why not reduce use of vehicles and gain more benefits while you are at it? Owning a bike will prove to be much cheaper than owning your vehicle. You will not have to worry about thinks like insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking costs

They are the cheaper form of transport

  • You can use public bikes
  • Save on gas and parking
  • Drop the exhausting insurance
  • Get around faster! no jam
  • Cut on the health costs
  • Reduce the wear on public roads
  • Helps you drop the gym memberships

The social benefits of cycling

The world is ever changing economically and socially; with the technological advancements, most people have forgotten how to find happiness outside of that. for instance, some people drive from and to work and have no way of interacting with others outside work and home. cycling is a great way to create bonds with other people and make new friends. Having new friends and bonding with previous one can change your life dramatically……..

Check out these social benefits of cycling

  • Helps you make new friends
  • You can belong to a club and sign up for extra curriculum activities
  • .helps you develop bonds with your existing friends
  • Create new memories
  • Cycle to support charities
  • Make your life more interesting
  • Go for dates

Sporting benefits

You may be wondering why cycling benefits are separate from the rest; well this is because they are actually so different. cycling provides you with a great way to have athletic prowess and increase your fitness at the same time. you can use cycling to train for different kinds of sports, not just bike racing.

Not only will you gain physical fitness for the rest of the sports but you will also reach some form of mental athleticism.

Here are the benefits

  • To prevent injury while you are on another sport
  • Cross training is beneficial; you will gain aerobic efficiency
  • Helps you recover from other sport injuries
  • Regulate your intensity
  • Helps you get faster in all ways
  • Improves your endurance in other sports
  • Helps you get competitive and have better balance
  • Helps you learn how to use your body weight

How to Choose the Right Bicycle

Choosing the right bike can be difficult, especially with the endless makes in the market. Just like buying a car, it is a big investment. A bike helps you get from one point to another but they do not have the same speed or will not get you there the same way.

Making the right decision is very important. High quality bikes can range in different prices depending on what you need the bike for.

Determine the needs

How do you want to use the bike?

Different bikes are made for completely different purposes. you have to think about what you really need the bike for.

  • Do you need to commute to work?
  • Attempt a triathlon?
  • Hit the trails for a rocky ride?
  • Take a spin around the block?

Knowing the plans will help you get the perfect bike.

Consider how you are using the bike

What you want to do with the bike and what you end up doing with it might be two completely different things. For instance, you may want to ride for a triathlon but end up using the bike to spend time with friends or mountain bike. Instead of getting a triathlon, you should go for an all purpose bike to make everything much better.

Are you riding alone?

If you are going on a mountain bike with friends, or have a family tradition to mountain bike, a simple bike or road bike will not do the trick.

Finally, check your budget

This is also a very important part of biking. If you do not set the budget before you look at the bikes, you could end up buying one you do not afford. As stated, some bikes are really expensive and out of your price range. Even though they may have the same functions, but quality determines the price of a bike.